RWANDA REMEMBERS: 25 years on, Genocide fugitives and criminals benefiting from silent accomplices in western capitals

Following the stopping of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda by the RPF, the culprits fled to countries around the globe from where quite a big number still enjoy ‘red carpet protocol’.

They enjoy social welfare from western tax-payers’ money, are protected from justice and use this extended impunity and their enormously available time to hold political-meetings and viciously plotting against the Rwandan government.

In their orchestrated campaign against Rwanda, these orthodox genocidiares have been joined by the infamous RDF/RPF dissidents: Kayumba Nyamwasa, Karegyeya Patrick, Gahima Gerald and Dr. Rudasingwa Theogene whose masterly rhetoric against the Rwandan leadership is at the least abominable and all clearly revealing. 

Paul Rusesabagina, the Hollywood-made hero and fake humanitarian has as well found home in this notorious political grouping that only means bad for Rwanda and peace lovers world-over.

As an example, in a meeting between FDU – Inkingi and RNC in Brussels that took place on 31st July 2011, the United Democratic Forces (UDF) and the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), neither of which is recognized in Rwanda, vowed they would as always mobilize their members in France and Belgium for a protest against President Paul Kagame’s visit to France outside the headquarters of the French bosses’ union, Medef, on 13 September 2011.

These two so-called political movements recently formed an unholy alliance in a bid to coordinate their terrorist activities they have been involved in and for which the two mentioned leaders together with some other accomplices have been charged for in Rwanda’s justice.

Indeed, shortly before Ingabire Victoire returned to Rwanda in January 2010, a UN Group of Expert’s report on Congo (9th November 2009), concluded that “FDLR military leaders were in telephone contacts with Diaspora members of the Forces Democratiques Unifees (FDU-Inkingi). The Group reported that Victoire Ingabire, the President of FDU, then based in the Netherlands, had attended so-called “Inter-Rwandan Dialogue” meetings with pro-FDLR participants”.

Later, witnesses, emails, and Western Union receipts proved that she had directed and funded the creation of an armed wing of her political party, FDU Inkingi by persuading top FDLR commanders to break away from the organization, arguing it wasn’t violent enough. With the assistance of a number of nations, Rwanda has obtained convincing evidence – wire transfers, phone logs, emails and co-conspirator confessions – of Ingabire’s contacts and coordination with FDLR leaders and her attempts to create a more violent FDLR splinter faction. She sent thousands of dollars to Congo to pay for arms and ammunition.

On 29 April 2010, former FDLR Lt Colonel Tharcisse Nditurende pleaded guilty to forming the said guerrilla rebel group to launch an offensive against Rwanda. Nditurende confessed that he had been recruited by Victoire Ingabire during meetings held in Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville to lead a military guerrilla wing of her political party – FDU-Inkingi.

On 6 May 2010 another former FDLR Commander Jean Marie Karuta pleaded guilty to working with Victoire Ingabire’s FDU party (alongside Colonel Nditurende) to plan military offensives to cause state insecurity within Rwanda.

RNC has played its role as regards the same evil agenda. RNC dissidents have also been in collaboration with FDLR leadership. RNC operatives/emissaries and sympathizers have been active both around the globe and in the region rallying for support with a grand plan to topple the Rwanda Government of National Unity.

Two FDLR operatives, Rwandanga Frodouard and Berchmas Mukeshimana, who have been tried for charges of terrorist grenade attacks in Kigali (especially in 2010), revealed the collaboration between RNC and FDLR in carrying out terror attacks in Rwanda.

They revealed that their military networks mainly represented by the FDLR/Interahamwe thrive on illicit exploitation of minerals in the Eastern DRC where they have for the last 25 years operated and been the cause of instability for the whole region. They loot, kill, rape women, recruit child soldiers, involve in terrorism operations like the grenade attacks in Rwanda (from December 2009 to January 2012) and as a consequence cause diversion of part of national budgets by both Rwanda and DRC to defend nationals against this terror organization.

Terror attacks in Kigali City Center on 2 Jan and 23 Jan 12 claimed the lives of 02 people leaving 41 injured. (Photo Courtesy)

Rwandanga revealed that in May 2010, the FDRL/FOCA Deputy Commander, Brig Gen Bigaruka, talked with Kayumba Nyamwasa on phone and the latter promised to send a representative to meet him (Brig Gen Bigaruka) to discuss the possibility of carrying out terrorist activities in Rwanda. Lt Col Amri Bizimana, FDLR senior commander who defected to Rwanda on 29th December 2010 revealed that Patrick Karegeya and Maj. Gen. Sylvestre Mudacumura held two telephone conversations in Sept 2010 and this had also been corroborated by the UN Group of Experts report.

To achieve their terrorist goals, FDU-Inkingi and RNC mainly use Rwandan negationists/revisionists groups and hostile associations/individuals in Europe to raise funds and carry out other mobilization activities. It is thus in this context that the two terrorist groups have many times organized meetings for their followers in western capitals.

Among the active members in negationist group are Joseph Ngarambe, an RNC member and FDU-Inkingi sympathizer living in Lille, France, Ben Rutabana, an obscure musician and Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) deserter and RNC activist residing in Lille, France, Jean Kabanda, leader of hostile Association pour la Promotion de la Culture Rwandaise (ACPR) in Rouen, France and Jean-Marie Vianney Ndagijimana, the Chairperson of another hostile association called Action for Impartial International Justice in Rwanda (AJIIR) based in France.

Jean Marie Vianney Ndagimana, is wanted by the Rwandan justice for embezzlement of public funds. He is the former ambassadors who run away after embezzling hundreds of US dollars from government coffers. Ndagijimana is the founder of COVIGLA (Coalition of massive victims from the Great Lakes region) which aims at coalescing Rwandans and Congolese that are alleged to be victims of the Rwandan government.

These are the kinds of disgruntled individuals and suspected hardcore criminals the two subversive political opposition groups (FDU-RNC) rely on for organizing sabotage operations and spreading of negative propaganda ranging from the alleged responsibility in the shooting down of late Habyarimana’s plane, double genocide ideology and various efforts to disrupt good relations between Rwanda and other nations in the international community.

One thing is quite sure; the International community’s unwarranted inaction against these criminals isn’t contributing to peace and development but rather to their impunity and perpetuation of insecurity in the region. Rwandans today are however determined more than ever, never to allow these self-seekers and their cohorts to derail either the developmental or reconciliation paths they have chosen for charting a future that is befitting of their legacy.

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