Mother and daughter severely tortured in Uganda, another sign of Uganda’s security organs cruelty against Rwandans

Drocell Nyirarudodo, a Rwandan mother who was tortured together with her 14 year old daughter Aimerance Uwimana. A 40 year-old Rwandan was battered to death ‘with her own daughter, while in Uganda. 

She narrated the ordeal to Medics who treated her on Monday at cyanika, saying that she had gone to Uganda to visit her relatives.

The mother and her daughter are the latest torture victims of Ugandan authorities to be dumped at the border.

The two are part of hundreds of Rwandans who have been subjected to illegal arrest, torture and killing by Uganda over alleged illegal stay in the country.

Rwanda says these illegal detentions and mistreatment is the reason the Government has advised its citizens not to travel to Uganda.

At the heart of these unlawful detentions and mistreatment are hostile activities conducted by terrorist organisations that seek to destabilise Rwanda.

These are activities supported by the Ugandan Government, according to sources.  Members of RNC terrorist group continue to conduct meeting and creating new cells in districts of greater Bunyoro in Uganda.

Rwandan officials have continued to call on Uganda to halt all collaboration with terrorist groups hostile to Rwanda including the Rwanda National Congress (RNC).

They have urged the Ugandan Government to use lawful means to bring to justice any Rwandans suspected of breaking the law, but in vain.

Despite efforts to normalize relations, officials say Uganda still carry out unlawful detentions and continues to harbour enemies hostile to Rwanda.

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