Adeline Rwigara Confirms that Ben RUTABANA is in the hands of RNC.

It is now three months that Ben(jamin) Rutabana, the commissioner of Capacity Development in Rwanda National Congress (RNC) disappeared when he was going/coming to/from Uganda on an RNC mission. Jerome Nayigiziki, the Coordinator of RNC categorically denied that Ben Rutabana was sent to Uganda on an RNC mission while Kayumba Nyamwasa preferred silence on this matter. A good number of evidence has shown that Rutabana disappeared while on a mission in Uganda and RNC top leaders, especially Kayumba Nyamwasa, are aware of his whereabouts.

It is also open secret that Frank Ntwali was in Uganda by the time of Ben Rutabana’s disappearance. Misunderstandings between Ntwali and Rutabana over the party (RNC) management coupled with Ntwali’s presence in Rutabana’s disappearance zone/area, raise a lot of suspicion very close to confirmation that Ntwali trapped the victim in order to get rid of him and manage RNC as a private property, along his in-law Kayumba, leaving aside other party leaders looking like paper tigers in the leadership of the tormented RNC. Diane, Rutabana’s wife, has put it on record that before his travel to Uganda, RUTABANA informed her that his safety was not assured given misunderstandings he had with other party leaders especially Frank Ntwali.  

Adeline Rwigara, a sister to Ben Rutabana, talking for the first time on Rutabana’s disappearance, told VoA that she can confidently confirm that RNC leaders are responsible for the disappearance of his brother. Her statement is based on the conversation she had with RNC leaders including Kayumba Nyamwasa and Charlotte Mukankusi while probing on the whereabouts of her brother after the family had spent about 1month trying, unsuccessfuly, to trace the would be betrayed Commissioner of RNC.

While Kayumba told Adeline that he is also worried about him, Charlotte Mukankusi comforted her that Rutabana is alive and safe, that they (RNC leadership) can even put her in contact with him at an opportune moment, a promise Adeline is until now waiting to be honored. Adeline believes Kayumba Nyamwasa knows where Ben Rutabana is located; hence hopes to see him once again one day, since one of the party leaders (Mukankusi) assured her his brother is alive.

Adeline Rwigara lamented the carelessness of RNC leaders regarding the family of the disappeared since none from the party has empathy to talk to them to comfort them or inform them about the progress of the investigations on the whereabouts of Rutabana.

Adeline Rwigara is desperately waiting for Frank Ntwali to be Frank and take the family out of this lengthy confusion, by telling them where he put Rutabana, whether he is alive and kicking here on planet Earth, or on another planet.

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