Arrest of more than 40 Rwandans in Kampala exposes Uganda’s security organ’s ill motives to cover evidence about their role in destabilizing Rwanda

Despite efforts by friendly countries to reconcile Rwanda-Uganda, the later through its security organs is busy fabricating false evidences to mislead mediators and to cover its role in undermining Rwanda.

On 23rd July 2019, more than forty Rwandan nationals that were members of ADEPR Pentecostal Church International Uganda a branch of ADEPR Church in Rwanda were arrested at a church in Kibuye Kampala by CMI operatives and Uganda Police Forces and were taken at CMI Headquarters in Mbuya for intense screening and interrogation with the aim to identify those that will be used against Rwanda.

Investigation conducted by our blog reveals that those arrested are part of a breakaway group function of ADEPR Pentecostal Church International – Uganda which had formed a new church called Pentecost True Salvation Church led by Pastor MUHIZI Charles who had called for a meeting to introduce the new executive committee of the church made of six people whose names and profiles are held for security purposes.

 The arrest of more than 40 ADEPR members follows the arrest of the members of the ADEPR committee of the new church including six coordinators from ADEPR appointed to head churches in different parts of Uganda.

Sources within the ADEPR contacted by our blog indicate that most members of ADEPR who were arrested had been tricked by Pastor MUHIZI Charles and NTIRUSHWAMABOKO Augustin to join the new church and promised protection from arrest and deportation by CMI as they had come from different parts of the country to attend the meeting in Kampala.

The arrest of  Rwandans  and especially ADEPR members is not knew  and  since January 2019 to date fourteen pastors from ADEPR   were arrested by CMI  and seven are reported to have been deported by Uganda, one released Musinga Antoine  and retained his job at Entebbe and six are still detained at CMI Headquarters  in  Mbuya.

Sources within the CMI indicate that their arrest was a calculated move and planned operation to implicate Rwanda in espionage with the aim to mislead mediation team from Angola and DRC expected in Uganda to investigate allegations made by Uganda against Rwanda following the Luanda summit, by using members of RNC that work closely with CMI.

Sources also indicate that some of the arrested had acquired Ugandan Identity cards illegally;  and they intend to charge them for illegal possession of Ugandan IDs and Illegal stay in Uganda and are likely to be remanded or deported.

Moses Lukwago

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