As Museveni intensifies field visits of UPDF barracks, infighting among his security organs has been exposed.

President Museveni of Uganda has embarked on a nation-wide on-spot working visits to UPDF Barracks mobilizing soldiers to get ready to defend their country as if Uganda is at war with any country.   Museveni, who during the trip that took him to various army barracks including Kakiri, choose to meet Platoon commanders, Company Commanders, Battalion Commanders and Brigade commanders separately, later held combined meeting with other officers and men and said the UPDF must know its historical mission and the ideology of the revolution, with such remarks Museveni seems embroiled in the fear of the unknown.  It is not a rocket science that Uganda is mobilizing for war against Rwanda by supporting RNC and FDLR both designated as negatives forces and terrorist groups causing insecurity in the entire Great Lakes Region.

Previously, the New Vision; Uganda’s state managed Newspaper leaked Museveni letter addressed to his counterpart President Kagame,  indicating that he met Members of Rwanda National Congress by Accident The letter not only generated stormy but also raised eye brows with many political commenters questioning; who on earth can be shocked by such a ridiculous and laughable letter? A Head of State receiving people “by accident”? A Head of State confusing the identity of a guest with another? Which Head of State on this earth can receive an ordinary person (let alone a complete stranger received for the first time) without his/her full name biography and the purpose of the visit? 

The letter was so embarrassing that its author immediately became a laughing stock in Rwanda and in Uganda.

I read with keen interest President Museveni’s letter to President Kagame dated 10 March, 2019 but to my dismay, the letter failed to address the core and legitimate concerns raised by Rwanda against Ugandan leadership. What is true is that Museveni and members of his Intelligence chiefs have often met with members of Rwanda National Congress and FDLR and conducted numerous meetings together aimed at sabotaging Rwanda.  Museveni admitted to have met in person hostile individuals like Tribert Rujugiro, Charlotte Mukankusi and Eugene Gasana  but his security chiefs have often  met dozens of hostile individuals that include; Col. Felix Bazeye a.k laforge Nkaka, Theophile Abega, Benjamin Rutabana, Frank Ntwali, Jennifer Rwamugira, Abdul Karim Nyarwaya, Rugema Kayumba etc, was that also by accident?. It is an open secret that Uganda is advocating for regime in Rwanda; however they lack strategy and international support to implement their plan.  Museveni is not a stranger to that plan but has his own concern that’s why he is buying time and handing numerous assignments to his security chiefs to implement.

Museveni’s letter is a proof that Uganda’s support for Rwanda’s dissidents can no longer be denied, not even by President Museveni himself.

Is UPDF ready for War?

According to research data compiled by various defense Think tanks, UPDF is comprised of; Land forces, Air forces, Special Forces, Reserve forces.  President Museveni recently has been boosting of the so called mighty and powerful of the UPDF indicating that UPDF can crash whoever can dare to attack them.  However, assessing the capacity of the UPDF, one fails to understand or trace the capacity of the forces in comparison with the existing standards, ethics and capability readiness.

Irregularities in promotions

Many political observers have questioned the criteria used for promoting officers in Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), citing imbalance. Most recent UPDF promotions was an indicative that most of the senior promotions were for, People who have been benched, undeployed. Low ranking officials are disgruntled and frustrated by level of sectarianism and patronage within the ranks.

Current status of UPDAF

Research data provided by one of the Defense Think tanks in Europe indicate that Uganda’s Air force (UPDAF) is in distress and marred by acts of fraudulent contracting that leads to under grade maintenance of its assets.  UPDAF serviceability level has dropped constantly according to the obtained data.

UPDAF has a fleet of trainer, surveillance, transport, interceptors and fighters aircraft organized in sparrow squadrons.  UPDAF receive trainings mainly from one European country, another country in the Eastern Asia along the Korean Peninsula and another country that is a member of SADC. Used Airbases are; Entebbe, Gulu, Nakasongola, using VERA- E Radar system graduating from another system.

Current status in SFC

The Special Forces Command (SFC) is a specialized component of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) tasked with carrying out specialized missions or operations and is regarded as one of the highly motivated component of the UPDF.  The SFC enrolls elite people and enjoys a fringe benefits compared to other UPDF soldiers deployed in other entities.

Infightings between Police, ISO and CMI

Previously the Uganda police have warned the Internal Security Organisation (ISO), for engaging in acts of torture. Some of the cases include the recent torture allegations of a police constable Isma Ssemwogerere who was tortured by ISO agents at their offices in Kawempe Division, Kampala. Cases of ISO and CMI overstepping their mandate to arrest and harass civilians continue to rise. Various investors, Rwandans and ordinary Ugandan citizen deemed targets are detained incommunicado and others decry of CMI and ISO torture. Apart from that the Inspector General of Police and the Director General of External Security (ESO) are sidelined from the core business of the state. With such infightings taking place within the security system it is unlikely that Uganda is close to being stable and proofs the level of unprofessionalism among Uganda’s security organs.

Others cases of torture are also rampant in the Army and were brought to Uganda’s parliament;;

Regardless that, President Museveni has passed out Local defense militias totaling to 6000 Men, with such situation no one remains safe in Uganda.

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