As Rwanda and DRC considers gorilla tourism as a tool of economic development, Uganda uses Gorilla tourism as a tool of propaganda and a card for cheap politics.

Gorillas in the Virunga mountains have always moved freely across the borders of the three countries; Rwanda, DRC and Uganda.   But currently, it seems that Uganda has discovered   a new role that Gorillas can play rather than earning revenues.  Uganda’s media sponsored by security organs have found a new tool of smear propaganda targeting Rwanda.

Uganda’s media like daily monitor, trumpet news, commandpost1 and chimpreports   are stooping so low ever again by using gorillas as part of their propaganda ploy against Rwanda.

Its normal and an ongoing pattern for gorillas within Virunga Park to cross to any border going to Uganda, DRC or Rwanda

According to people familiar and working in the hospitality industry in Uganda, last year alone in 2018, the only family of gorillas called Nyakagezi belonging to Uganda spent one year in Rwanda and was catered for by the conservation team.   Many people working in the hospitality industry in both Uganda and Rwanda are anxious about the new trend of misleading propaganda orchestrated by propagandists using some media houses in Uganda about migration of gorillas.

Stories about migration of gorillas and other ridicule satire produced by media houses sponsored by CMI and ISO have prompted thorough research to find out the true story of the matter. It was found out and is well documented that Rwanda has historically hosted the most gorillas crossing from neighboring countries and revenue sharing scheme has been emphasized in that regard.

It is a common pattern that Gorillas freely move within the Greater Virunga Landscape of Rwanda, DRC and Uganda. When Uganda’s only habituated group in Mgahinga National Park crossed to Rwanda a few years ago to join Rwanda’s 20 habituated groups, it didn’t become news.

It is on record that Volcanoes Park in Rwanda hosts the biggest number of gorilla groups in the Massif and it is partly due to track record of successful conservation efforts put forward by Rwanda. The ‘’ Kwitonda’’ group referred to in daily monitor has been in Rwanda since 2004.

 Through a cross border collaborative initiative agreed by Uganda, Rwanda and DRC, when gorillas cross to another country and are visited by tourists, revenues earned are shared between the two countries.

As once David Luiz said in this video; , the gorillas are safe and are in great, great place.  So enough with cheap politics!!!!

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