As Uganda- Rwanda spat continues, Uganda’s officials and media in bed with RNC openly

As tensions escalate between Uganda and Rwanda, it is no longer a secret that Uganda supports Rwanda’s subversive groups as several media groups in Uganda have found a hot cake benefitting from a chunk of cash given by Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa using his mouth piece David Himbara to advocate for RNC.

Surprisingly those benefiting also from the deal are the state owned Newspaper the New Vision that is doing all it can to sanitise Rujugiro Ayabatwa posturing him as a hero and a savior.   Rujugiro’s habits read fraud and other illicit business he does in support of Uganda’s officials. His unscrupulous habits have shaped his character, thus using money to advocate for regime change.  He is the one behind anti-Rwanda propaganda today with the aim to cause regime change together with his cohorts.

In spreading his malice, Tribert Ayabatwa is not acting alone he enjoys the full backing of state actors and other prominent figures within Uganda’s security and political establishments.

Uganda crying foul for temporary closure of Gatuna border post

There is ongoing tension between Uganda and Rwanda over the latter’s decision to temporary closure Gatuna border post for construction works, thus sparking tension between the two countries. For obvious reasons, the issue has attracted tensions because Gatuna border was one of the busiest border posts, where large quantity of Uganda’s merchandise valued at 200 USD used to pass and indeed Rwanda is the net Importer of Uganda’s goods.

People like ofwono opondo, Sam Kutesa and Philemon Mateke, attacked Rwanda criticizing its decision and threatening even those who dared to clarify issues in regards to Rwanda-Uganda tensions. Journalist like Andrew Mwenda became victim of character assassination by ofwono opondo, Dr. Gideon Rukundo and Uganda’s Intelligence organs sponsored pundits like seruga Titus including others hiding under pseudo names  and numerous website manned by ISO and CMI.  Ofwono opondo has on many occasions appeared in media to explain the case but nothing substantial he has mentioned apart from accusing Rwanda to have closed borders and for preventing its citizens to cross to Uganda.  

Ofwono should understand that the issue of Uganda-Rwanda is not the usual NRM Propaganda and Manouvers he always sings and worships just trying to brainwash people whenever he is given platform but instead he should understand that the issue remains part of an insider job only between Museveni, Salim, Tumukunde behind scenes and scheme implementers like Brig. Abel Kandiho, (rtd) Col Kaka Bagyenda and Philemon Mateke. No wonder, it is reported by media in Uganda that Museveni has told ofwono opondo and others to zip their mouth and never respond to Rwanda’s accusations against Uganda. Partly the directive by Museveni made sense due to fact that ofwono opondo and others are alien to Uganda’s covert schemes aimed for regime change in Rwanda and there is no time to create cover story for them.

Whatever the case, the Uganda-Rwanda issue remains a complex equation that can’t be solved by ofwono opondo, seruga Titus, Kutesa and others. Those responsible for deteriorating relation should come up instead of parading people like ofwono opondo and others who are green about the complex issues between Uganda and Rwanda.

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