Breaking News: CMI Screening Rwandans detained in their dungeons to select those to join armed groups

Information obtained by the great lakes eye indicates that CMI and ISO are currently screening Rwandans still detained in their dungeons with view to encourage them to stay in Uganda as asylum seekers   or protracted refugees for future recruitment in Rwanda National Congress.  This month of October 2019 alone, fifteen Rwandan Nationals allegedly RDF deserters and Demobilized soldiers were sent to the UNCHR as asylum seekers.

 Other thirty five are to appear in court soon and they will be charged for illegal entry and stay in Uganda. This comes on the heels of the upcoming summit to evaluate the implementation of Lunda – MoU; the meeting will take place in Kampala on 13 November 2019. 

Meanwhile security organs in Uganda   have conducted an operation and arrested 50 Rwandan nationals across Ntungamo district. According to eye witnesses, CMI and ISO officers who took part in the operation asked the arrested to provide 400000 Ugandan shillings each in order to release them.

The operation was conducted in Sofia trading center and from Mirama hills one stop border post surbubs.

 It is not surprising that Uganda’s security services are forcing the arrests to pay them and it has become a pattern among staff of CMI and ISO and particularly in ISO officers are lamenting and crying foul.   Indeed during Col. Kaka’s reign there have been complaints about poor facilitation of operatives, who reportedly take long to get operational funds, which, according to sources, partly contributed to increase in crime in Kampala and across the country.

Insiders within ISO further indicate that following his appointment as DGISO, Kaka carried out a massive shake-up in the local intelligence gathering outfit. Insiders say this was the most far-reaching shake-up in over a decade, which left more than 100 directors, deputy directors and staff officers transferred or reassigned.

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