BURUNDI CONTROVERSY: Imbonerakure Day, Two Images for The Same Development Speech

On 17 August 2019, “Imbonerakure Day” was celebrated in Bujumbura, the commercial capital of Burundi.” Imbonerakure Day ”was an opportunity for the ruling party to say that its youth or – militia for its detractors – is a pillar of development. 

In Ngozi, the Imbonerakure exhibited the fruit of their harvest. Indecency or simple propaganda?

On the next day, in Bujumbura, the Minister of Foreign Affairs distributed Chinese rice to the militants of CNDD-FDD, young people of which he was formerly the leader.  If this youth were the pillar of development, it should be a national reality. 

Photo 1: Imbonerakure on Day 1 of demonstration. Photo 2: Minister of Foreign Affairs distributing rice to Imbonerakure  on Day 2.

Now, this youth serves above all to maintain a climate of social tension, of political intolerance, and is content with crumbs like little dogs under the table of lords. 

But what do you want? Cheating, greed, beating, favoritism, corruption and cynicism are almost cherished values ​​by the CNDD-FDD. Social justice remains the least of President Nkurunziza’s concerns.

Let’s hope that after him, the fate of this militant youth or not, will have better attention.

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