Burundi hands over Rwandan rebels

On 29 April 2019 in the afternoon Cibitoke Police in collaboration with Burundi administration, the representative of Burundi Intelligence Services – Service National de Renseignement (SNR) from Bujumbura in the presence of a delegation of International Conference on the Great Lakes Region/ Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism (ICGLR/EJVM) surrendered to the Rwandan authorities on their border (Ruhwa) 7 Ex Combatants of the CNRD with as armed branch FLN allegedly led by General Hamada Habimana with a political wing headed by Irategeka Wilson. These fighters had 5 Weapons with walky-talky Radio (Motorola).

Rwanda rebels arrested in Burundi.

These fighters claim that they were 100 when left the locality of Rutara in Eastern DRC, South Kivu Province on a mission to infiltrate Rwanda and cause panic. They revealed that they entered Rwanda via Cyangugu near Nyungwe forest where they clashed with the Rwandan Defence Forces and escaped to Burundi in the Mabayi commune via Nyungwe forest on 8th April 2019.

This is viewed as new twist in Rwanda-Burundi relations. The Great Lakes Eye will keep you updated. Watch this space!

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