Burundi shamelessly lost its case with Rwanda in EAC

Recently President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi categorically labelled her neighbor Rwanda as enemy state of Burundi in his letter to the President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and by then he was still the Chairperson of EAC. All requests aired by the President Nkurunziza to his counterpart of Uganda were ignored and never considered for discussion during the summit.

He then used the likes of Theogene Rudasingwa to write uncoordinated issues between Burundi and Rwanda that need attention of the East African Community.

Rudasingwa is known to be on payroll of Burundi government through its Permanent Representative to UN, Ambassador Albert Shingiro. Through Rudasingwa, President Nkurunziza made baseless claims that Rwanda hijacked Burundi’s airspace with military aircraft fighters and you wonder how this invasion could happen unnoticed!

President Nkurunziza further asked the Community leadership to urgently convene what he called an extraordinary summit to address the differences between Rwanda and Burundi. He made this statement while addressing journalists at his hideouts in Ngozi Province where he again accused Rwanda of harbouring ill motives which have been always sentimental and baseless. The special summit was clearly dismissed by the government of Rwanda saying that Burundi is just trying to deflect the attention of the Community away from its internal political crisis. Again, Burundi’s claims were ignored by the EAC secretariat as well as the Chairperson of the Community.

Burundi’s ill intentions and jealousy towards Rwanda could also be seen in trading its genocide ideology to areas of Rwanda bordering with Burundi. It also creates insecurities in border communities which have been living together throughout their lives.

I confidently state that Burundi lost its case against Rwanda in EAC, it actually did not have any case to present against Rwanda during the summit. It is evidently demonstrated by the way H.E Paul Kagame of Rwanda was unanimously voted by EAC Head of States including Burundi itself to chair the Community for the current term.

Then, the big question will always stack with you, why would Burundi label her neighbor as enemy state? Wouldn’t it be just scapegoats for its internal political crisis that they have failed to manage? Wouldn’t it be the individuals within the government who are trying to cover up their malpractices while embezzling public funds?

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