Callixte Nsabimana reveals more evidence of Uganda’s support to subversive groups against the Government of Rwanda

Callixte Nsabimana Sankara former spokesperson for MRCD/FLN appeared in court on May 23, 2019 and his confession before the court is a vindication of further emerging proof that documents Uganda’s role and support to subversive groups against Rwanda.  According to reports, more factual evidences including Whatsapp communication between Sankara and the CMI Chief Brigadier Abel Kandiho were revealed including other coded message exchanges between Sankara, Paul Rusesabagina, Wilson Irategeka and a lady in state house in Kampala whose name is held for security purposes.  All the accessed documents reveal more factual evidences that show Uganda’s support to subversive groups.

During the trial Sankara pleaded guilty on all the 16 charges against him and admitted to have been facilitated by Uganda’s CMI.   Among the charges include; Terrorism, Kidnap, Murder, genocide denial, arson, armed robbery, forgery and causing bodily harm.

Uganda’s Intelligence security circles in panic mode following Sankara appearance in court

Before the trial, CMI and ISO mouth pieces were awash with propaganda stories aimed to divert public attention in regards to Sankara’s case. One of the arguments provided by CMI /ISO propagandists was that Rwanda has negotiated the plea deal with Sankara for lighter sentence in exchange for a public confession and that Sankara was tortured by Rwanda military intelligence to submit and testify in open court that Uganda was supporting him and supplying arms to MRCD/FLN in exchange for a lighter sentence. The aim of such propaganda is to influence public opinion and to portray their patrons Abel Kandiho and KAKA as victims of the so called Rwanda’s witch hunt. 

It is not surprising though that Uganda’s Intelligence sponsored media is has often masterminded propaganda aimed at diverting Uganda’s support to subversive groups and individuals against the Government of Rwanda.  It is on record that Uganda supports RNC, FDLR, MRCD and other hostile individuals in terms of logistics and shelter and offers tactical support to conduct sabotage activities. Sankara’s confession comes at the time when other FDLR made similar confessions.

What does Uganda gain from supporting weakened and divided subversive groups against Rwanda?

As once mentioned by one of the hostile individuals , RNC/P5  and MRCD/FLN  and all subversive groups against Rwanda in general are amalgam of extremist individuals or groups full of militaristic wishful thinking, lacking ideological depth and coherence, with no operational capability .  Others are also faced with the effects of collateral damages and living in tenterhooks.  Information obtained by the great lakes eye indicate that Charlotte Mukankusi who recently visited Uganda and met Museveni in person is under serious trouble for lying and acquiring a foreign passport and the time she applied for Canadian documents.

Despite this general assessment describing those groups, the Government of Uganda continues efforts to resurrect those groups with the aim to sabotage Rwanda.  Sources in Uganda’s Intelligence services informed this blog, that President Museveni has issued new directives to his Intelligence organs to implement his prolonged economic sabotage measures targeting Rwanda with the intention to lure Rwandans to flock to Uganda en masse. Such measures involve encouraging Ugandan business dealers to buy all food staffs like beans, and other commodities in abundance with the aim to dry up local markets hence force Rwandans to migrate to Uganda.  Uganda’s Intelligence organs have also resorted to scare tactics to inflict fear among Rwandan communities in Uganda and disconnecting Rwandans from the activities of their Embassy. A Ugandan official speaking on condition of anonymity criticized Uganda’s decision to place surveillance camera overlooking at Rwanda’s Embassy in Uganda.

Author: Moses Lukwago

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