Hosting Judi REVER is an insult to Belgian Intellectual Community!

Apparently it will come as a shock to the students and lecturers of the university of Antwerp and Leven to find out that their brains were manipulated by hosting a 47 year old ill-intended Judi Rever to come and give a lecture on a history of a country in the Great Lakes Region that she has never been to.

Judi Rever will present her bible of lies to the University of Antwerp intellectual community in an effort to dupe them and make them believe her malicious account on Rwanda’s history. The 21st century is not an era where a so-called writer can produce books without facts and make the world believe it. The book “In praise of blood: The Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front” was purely produced on the sentiments of genocide fugitives and their relatives who want to shift the blame to those who stopped the genocide.

Judi Rever is simply a mouthpiece of those dirty hands and minds of fugitives that carry, on their shoulders, crimes amounting to Genocide: She opted to make dirty money by embracing lies and promoting a book containing venomous content intended to maliciously blame the bravery of men and women who sacrificed their lives to annihilate genocide perpetrators when the whole world was watching on expensive big screens in their sitting rooms as if it was a World Cup Final football match. This world is not fair anyway; why would an intellectual community of the level of Antwerp University and Catholic University of Leuven lose their time and money on a cooked story of Mudacumbura narratives to wash the hands of evil?

The University of Antwerp and Catholic University of Leuven must know who Judi Rever is: She is, a Canadian prodigal freelancer journalist aged around 47 who has never been in the Great Lakes Region for the sake of truth.

Judi Rever, is a renowned close ally of enemies of the Government of Rwanda, who uses her profession as journalist to publish defamatory books and articles against top officials of Government of Rwanda with hate speeches full of double genocide theory promotion. What else can she say different from what she learnt from her marriage with FDLR members, allies and sympathizers as well as other genocide fugitives to whom she is offering advocacy services!

Judi Rever has been, for so long, in close connection with FDU-Inkingi leaders and FDLR, a terrorist group on the UN list, as proved in documents seized by Dutch police at Victoire Ingabire’s home in The Hague.

Judi Rever’s close partners in a project to advance  a counter narrative of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi is one Peter Verlinden, a known close ally of groups and organizations whose members are either genocide perpetrators, members of FDLR as well as their sympathizers. Verlinden is also known as a close ally to a genocide denier group “Jambo asbl” whose members were denied candidacy, on 2018 municipal elections, by Belgian electoral commission for their denial cases and close relationship with terror organizations such as FDLR and FDU-Inkingi.

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