Chickens have come home to roost, the case of Kayumba Nyamwasa and his RNC terror group in a state of disarray.

The current stand-off in RNC reminds me of an old proverbial expression that “curses are like chickens, they always come home to roost.” Meaning that the bad things that someone has done in the past have come back to bite or haunt the individual. This is the exact scenario of what is happening to Kayumba Nyamwasa and his created RNC terror group.  RNC is in a state of disarray mainly owing to intrigues and misunderstandings among the members. There have been fierce wrangles within RNC, pitting “Nyamwasa’s clique”, made up of him, his brother in law Ntwali, and a sect of few members of RNC in UK and Kampala.

Currently Nyamwasa and his clique within RNC are at loggerheads with Jean Paul Turayishimye who was recently suspended from RNC and formed his own blog talk Radio.  Jean Paul is not alone; information reaching our news desk informs that soon he will be joined by a number of RNC commissioners who are fed up of Kayumba and his handling of RNC activities and form a parallel group.

It has become a practice in RNC that whoever opposes Kayumba and his brother in – law is likely to face consequences, the immediate example is Ben Rutabana; he had been questioning why Nyamwasa was turning RNC leadership into a family affair and why he was centralizing decisions too much around himself.  Rutabana also had been persistently questioning why Nyamwasa put Ntwali and Sande Mugisha in charge of all RNC important operations yet these, in Rutabana’s view, were mere juniors.  This coupled to his persistent questions about Nyamwasa’s alleged misuse of funds meant for the RNC as a group.

For some time now, Kayumba Nyamwasa has been suspected, and accused on RNC Internet forums, of diverting the group’s funds. It is said he has been investing RNC money into his personal businesses in Pretoria, and Maputo, Mozambique. 

RNC members have always complained that fewer funds that are raised by members and other well-wishers are siphoned off by Kayumba and his confidant Frank Ntwali and used to open up shopping malls in Maputo, Mozambique.

RNC is also dogged by ethnic differences.  Hutu members who constitute majority of membership do not trust their Tutsi compatriots and this has been the case all-over RNC committees in different countries that include; Uganda, South Africa, Europe and America.  They are many divisive audios going viral at social Networks by RNC commissioner for Mobilisation,  Epimaque Ntamushobora based in UK, calling for RNC Hutu members in Uganda to take sides by supporting Sulah Nuwanya and his team describing him as a Hutu and advising them to use their leverage to take over influential posts in the RNC structures in the wake of the current stand-off in RNC –Uganda Province.

Divided and bitter divisions among RNC Executive Committee

Sources privy to the information have told the Great lakes eye that members of RNC Executive Committee no longer trusts Kayumba Nyamwasa and his trusted loyalist Frank Ntwali given the Minembwe debacle attributing the heavy losses of RNC soldiers to Frank Ntwali. They also attribute the recent disappearance of Ben Rutabana to this camp supported by Kayumba Nyamwasa.

 A reliable source who spoke on condition of anonymity told the Great lakes eye that RNC Members no longer have confidence in Kayumba Nyamwasa mainly owing to his failure to rein in on major rifts rampant within his RNC terror group.  Kayumba has lost respect from his members, others have openly abused him on phone and he has been also engaged in verbal abuses with some members. Those close to Kayumba indicate that he is in a mood of panic and often picks phone to call low ranking members in RNC terror group to beg them to stick to him and promising them empty promises.  

Since its existence, RNC has faced internal top leadership crisis within the RNC, with internal strife characterized by a toxic atmosphere, factionalism, and indiscipline. Increasingly, Kayumba’s clique has gained ground within the RNC, to gain and dominate power within and outside the structures of this terror organization. In line with the stand-off, Jean Paul Turayishimye has been labeled as the Prodigal Son scorned by his father and not ready to be welcomed back.

Currently, Nyamwasa is unable and unwilling to discourage or stop his brother in-law from take-over due to the fact that he has been over powered by his in –law family that is driven by hunger and appetite for power and money collected from members.

It is evident and observed that countries supporting Enemy groups against Rwanda can’t succeed and all groups fighting Rwanda are in disarray and have been rendered inefficient and left in a mood of panic.  Those following political developments in Great Lakes region assess that RNC capacity has been depleted and the group is almost finished only counting to the limited support of few individuals and Institutions of foreign Governments ,  something that  is not going to last.

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