CMI and state house should get ashamed for hiding behind a smokescreen to distract people’s attention as Corona Virus wreaks havoc in Uganda.

It’s high time, all patriotic Ugandans demand Kandiho and those in state house to use the tax payers money efficiently instead of sponsoring media like chimpreports and others in the equation to undermine a neighboring country. The money spend on propaganda can be used to feed ordinary Ugandans that are languishing in their homes, starving and living a hopeless life or can be used to buy ventilators to support those in critical conditions.

I believe that the Covid- 19 outbreak serves as a pretext this time for Kandiho to use the CMI budget the way he wants. If he is wise enough he should at least spend a little of it to track down people that entered in the country  coming from infected countries to contain the level of contamination instead of sponsoring the empty tins like Gilles Mahame and others in the same category.    

 For Uganda to claim that Rwanda has lessened border patrols to let Rwandans enter Uganda is a blatant lie. There is no need for Rwandans to go into Uganda running from COVID-19.  If Uganda was indeed committed to reinforcing well known principles of containing the Covid-19. They should have reinforced their screening, isolation, quarantine and testing. Are these working optimally? Mediocre leadership, which pays for such rubbish lies, will harm Ugandans.

 Kandiho’s sponsored media are competing to earn cash from him to tarnish Rwanda and to create the misleading impression that Rwandans are opposed to the lockdown aimed at controlling the further spread of Coronavirus in Rwanda.

While CMI and Uganda state house are wasting tax payers’ money to pay propaganda tabloids like Chimpreports and bloggers to undermine Rwanda’s well-coordinated measures aimed at protecting her citizens against a raging pandemic, meanwhile things are falling apart in Uganda.

It is of recent that Uganda’s government woke up from its deep slumber a tard too late, only to realise that things had gotten out of hand. They resorted to the folly of denial that they had zero Coronavirus cases for some time, until that claim flew in their faces.

Once they realised that Coronavirus was a different ball game altogether and that they could not hide its spread, they devised a foolish way of breaking the news. Museveni went on TV and announced that there was one case of Coronavirus, and shocked the nation when he said he would be the one updating Ugandans on what was happening as if he has no cabinet.

As he was busy making hollow speeches on TV, his corrupt officials were letting into the country suspected infection cases to mix with ordinary Ugandans. Only those who could not pay bribes were detained in hotels belonging to Museveni’s cronies, where they were required to pay exorbitant accommodation and food charges. Many escaped or paid the one off bribe to be let out of the disguised detention centres.

As time progressed, Museveni was informed that the situation was getting desperate as cases were increasing rapidly. That is when Museveni resorted to that one measure that he knows best how to implement -unleashing his brutal army, police and LDU units, under the guise of implementing his directives to control the spread of Coronavirus.

What happened in the following days made Ugandans wonder whether Coronavirus isn’t a better adversary, in comparison to the suffering visited upon them by Museveni’s security forces as they brutally beat up and shot people without any explanations.

The whole world knows that majority of Ugandans are employed in the informal sector, in a largely hand-to-mouth kind of economy because public service jobs are only reserved for cronies.

Without a coherent plan to cushion these majority Ugandans who would be hurt by a lockdown, they resisted and continued to eke out a living on the streets. Museveni responded by ordering more soldiers to clobber them to the extent that casualties arising from the combined brutal force of the UPDF, police and LDUs amounted into another crisis for hospitals to handle.

After a global outcry calling out Museveni’s brutality manifested by images shown by local and international media, Museveni resorted to PR to attempt damage control. He also tried to copy Rwanda’s initiative of distributing food, only that his was mostly meant for the cameras than the need to bailout Ugandans affected by police and army brutality and the lockdown.

Confused and frustrated by current worsening situation, now they are resorting to distraction tactic, which is to project all his tribulations on Rwanda using his loyal anti-Rwanda propaganda tabloids.

Author: Mozes Rukwago

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