DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO – An open letter to President Museveni

Dear Mr. President, as the phrase goes that do as I say, not as I do, I have been keenly following the deteriorating state of relations between Rwanda and Uganda sparked by Uganda’s active support to Rwandan negative groups including known terrorists and this has made me think twice about your common reference to yourself as a pan Africanist and revolutionary.

Dear Mr. President, you at one time said that you have more than 100 advisors and that instead of advising you; you are the one who advises them instead. I believe this is the first time you have been honest. Indeed, if you had advisors, Uganda wouldn’t be involved in such a mess. Since you have taken up their role, could you please advise yourself against turning your country into anarchy especially by advising your security organs to play their role of ensuring security other than promoting insecurity by arresting and harassing innocent visitors especially those from Rwanda, yet they are instead supposed to protect them.

In absence of advisors, you have instead made a choice to be advised by Rwandan subversive groups who are hell bent to cause anarchy in Rwanda.

I have always been proud to call Uganda my second home. Having been born in Uganda in the Nakivale refugee settlement and studied there since childhood, it has made me proud despite the ordeal of being stateless and yet I had a country I would call home. This feeling has stopped due to what is happening to my fellow Rwandans who are being harassed for the mere fact of not being associated with Rwanda’s enemies. Mr. President, it would be better if your so called security organs take their frustration elsewhere not to damage the good relations we have enjoyed with our sisters and brothers from Uganda.

I personally have no problem with ordinary Ugandans; the problem is with your security organs who have failed to make Uganda the pearl of Africa as it used to be. Their failure to perform their duties has created the animosity and jealousy of Rwanda and they have resorted to inhuman treatment of all Rwandans and Ugandans of Rwandan origin.

The current situation in Uganda whereby the state machinery is harassing Rwandans and Ugandans that are perceived to have connections with Rwanda will eventually render people stateless like what happened to my own parents in 1959 when they fled the country and later denied going back to their country despite efforts by regional and international players to let Rwandans go back to their country.

My sisters and brothers from Uganda don’t allow your country to be used by enemies of Rwanda as recruitment ground for groups that will eventually destabilize the region including your own country.

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