DRC: President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi announces the creation of a commission made up of non-native figures from Minembwe to look into this issue

President Tshisekedi spoke at the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Friday 22 November 2019, which discussed on the Security Situation in BENI and MINEMBWE.

To this end, he announced the creation of a governmental commission composed of non-native personalities from these territories “to reflect on the measures to be taken to bring peace permanently to this part of the country.

In the same vein, he announced his next trip to this region. This will be a different approach from what has been advocated so far with local leaders.

During this meeting, the President also evaluated the progress of the operations to eradicate foreign and national armed groups in Eastern DRC and the type of protection measures for the population.

Speaking of the security situation, “the President reassured the Council that all the measures were taken to eradicate insecurity throughout the national territory and, in particular, in the East.

He urged all the political leaders of the East to refrain from any speech or act that might provoke community tensions.

Meanwhile, security news remains marked by the death of more than 60 people this month in this region of the East of the DRC.


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