FACTFILE: How Uganda Has Always Destabilized Rwanda

The Great Lakes Eye is here sharing facts from reliable sources; showing how the Ugandan leaders and President Kaguta Museveni himself involved in schemes meant to subvert Rwanda.  

For a long time Uganda harbors rebels with intentions to subvert Rwanda as revealed by the 2018 UN Group of Experts report, according to which Rwandan rebels allied to P5 coalition receive military supports from President Museveni to overthrow the Kigali leadership.

In 2006, President Museveni issued Ugandan passports to FDLR rebel leader Ignance Murwanashya and his fellow top leaders Yacinth Rafiki and Major Wallace Nsengiyumva.  When Rwanda approached #Uganda on the FDLR leaders passport issue, President Museveni ‘s gov’t said they were going to investigate the case up to now Uganda never responded on how Rwandan rebels were given those passports.

By helping FDLR leaders, President Museveni associates himself FDRL; a renowned terror group made of genocidal force ex-FAR, genocide fugitives responsible for killing over 1 million Tutsi in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. One wonders why would President Museveni  associate with these criminals.

President Museveni has turned his country into a safe haven for Genocidaires, he has always shielded genocide fugitives even those who were convicted by courts of law.

This very month President Museveni’s  gov’t facilitated Anastase Munyandekwe, a well-known genocide fugitive to return to Belgium instead of sending him to Rwanda to account for his genocide crimes. There are many others enjoying Uganda’s protection.

On the other hand President Museveni’s CMI is proving full support to RNC executive committee made of Sulah Nuwamanya wa Kabiligi, Prossy Bonabaana and Kayumba Nyamwasa’s inlaw Frank Ntwali. The three chair a committee that oversees the recruitment and mobilisation activities in the reagion.

Reliable sources informed The Great Lakes Eye that President Museveni’s CMI recruits for Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC in Ugandan refugee camps. Recruits are taken to DR Congo for military drills for their anticipated attacks on Rwandan territory.

It is on record that President Museveni held coordination meetings with RNC and FDLR as confirmed by FDLR top leaders LaForge Fils Bazeye and Lt Col Nsekanabo now in Rwandan custody.

Relatedly President Museveni held meetings with RNC senior member Eugene Gasana, Ben Rutabana, Tabaro and their publicist David Himbara all meant to smear Rwanda.

The Great Lakes Eye wonders if President Museveni will refrain from helping Rwandan enemies as expected from the MoU he recently signed in Angola.

Watch this space!

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