Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s tweet ramblings boosting of UPDF mighty reveal Uganda’s last option of their grand plan to attack Rwanda.

On Monday, October 14, 2019, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba Tweeted: “I can assure whoever even thinks of messing with Uganda will get a very bad day. Long live UPDF! Long live Ugandan Special Forces!” The tweet was attached by photos of the UPDF officers in the bush showcasing what they can do best. The tweet was followed by various propaganda articles published in chimpreports indicating that Uganda’s western neighbor is preparing to attack parts of Uganda through DRC.  

According to various military experts and political analysts, the warning and threats by General Kainerugaba is an indirect way of justifying Uganda’s plan to attack Rwanda given that all options to sabotage Rwanda have been thwarted.  Sources privy to Uganda’s inner circle grand scheme for regime change in Rwanda indicates that one of Uganda’s preferred option was to use proxy rebels in DRC something that has not worked.   Uganda’s security organs have tirelessly supported armed terrorist groups like Rwanda National Congress to recruit and to establish training bases in Minembwe in South Kivu.  To date, RNC headquarters has been completely destroyed by FARDC and many of RNC commanders have been killed and others were handed over to Rwanda like Habib mudasiru.  RNC forces have depleted and turned to nothing, the initiative by Uganda to emerge and create strong alliance between RNC and FDLR failed at early stages.  Currently the efforts to bring Rud – Urunana into the equation came as the last nail in the coffin.

Contrary to the claims raised by chimpreports of Rwanda evading Uganda, UPDF and CMI have intensified deployments along Uganda- Rwanda border in areas of Ntungamo, Mirama Hill, Kagitumba. The reported increased deployments of UPDF and CMI along the border  with Rwanda is linked to recent tweets by Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba that they would crush anyone who dares to destabilize the country which was in indirect reference to Rwanda’s perceived plans to invade Uganda through the west.

 The propaganda that Rwanda is teaming up with Red-Tabara, ADF and Congolese militia groups to destabilize Uganda is prompted by Uganda’s growing frustrations following continuous heavy losses suffered by their proxy forces in DRC.

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