Genocide deniers on the run: Belgium criminalizes denial of genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda

Belgian parliament on Thursday 25th April 2019 adopted a new law that broadens the repression of genocide denial to include the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. The vote comes weeks after Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel first announced the plan during a visit to Rwanda. 

Unfortunately, Belgium, like other western countries, have been over the years harboring  genocide fugitives and deniers together with allowing them the speaking platforms to deny the genocide, spread their falsehoods about double genocide, and promote themselves.

If the law is enforced consistently it will for sure start for deniers in Belgium who have been distorting the history of the Genocide against the Tutsi through their writings and publications.

 A notorious cohort of Genocide apologists, prominent revisionists and those whose families were directly linked to the planners of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, are mostly targeted by this law.  Some of them have been in the genocidal regime and others were connected to the genocidal families.

Filip Reyntjens

Reyntjens arrived in Rwanda in July 1976 on the request of former President Juvenal Habyarimana, to help him in the elaboration of former Rwandan Constitution that was used to plan and execute the genocide against the Tutsi.

After the genocide he tried to publish books and articles that were meant to cover his role in the genocide and his sympathy towards the genocidal regime of Habyarima. He contributed in the script of untold story where his part was “Rwanda: The Untold Story”: facts and fabrication, Filip Reyntjens on 26 October 2014”.

The reason of his hate against the government that stopped genocide is the fact that he worked very closely with the former regime and had built a strong relationship with Habyarimana and people close to him who turned into Rwanda’s negative group. He really misses the nipple of Habyarimana’s regime.

Peter Verlinden

This is a husband to  Marie Bamutese a Rwandan National, who claim to be a genocide survivor but does not accept the reality of its execution.  Both Peter Verlinden and his wife are actors in BBC documentary “Untold Story” negating genocide against the Tutsis, but promoting double genocide ideology and one can question which genocide did Bamutese survived. 

What is confusing in this family of deniers is that on one side, Marie Bamutese considers herself as survivor of genocide against the Tutsi but in Verlinden’s book entitled “Marie-Survival of the Dead” portrays his wife as a survivor of a so-called massacres in DRC.

But the truth is that Bamutese is very much linked to former regime that   committed genocide against the Tutsi, which raised the level of animosity of her husband against the government that stopped genocide.

Their associates are mainly negative elements to Rwanda including authors of JAMBO News, a negative propaganda newspaper against Rwanda.  Peter Verlinden is also attached to some of former regime leaders that made up negative groups like FDU-Inkingi.

Col. Luc Marchall

The retired and tired Col. from Belgian Army.  He was the deputy commander of the UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda (UNAMIR) in 1994. He left Rwanda in 1994 when recalled by his home country.

He is characterized by contradictory testimonies, where he first testified that it was  Hutus extremist who downed Habyarimana’s plane and started the planned genocide, but in 2000 changed the side saying that  RPF was heavily responsible for the 1994 unplanned genocide by downing the Habyarimana plane.

He denies the fact that genocide was planned, but claims that it was caused by the crash of Habyarimana plane which developed Hutu animosity abruptly and killed 800.000 people in 100 days as it is usual in Africa.

In his false testimonies Marchall also confirmed that he never heard any word from Theoneste Bagosora susceptible to be interpreted as inciting people to commit genocide, and that he took the responsibility of having declared that Bagosora opted for elimination of all Tutsis. Ridiculously, he remained a friend to Gen. Gratien kabiligi and Gen. Augustin Ndindiriyimana convicted of genocide by ICTR and he also convinced that he will continue to help them until they go back to Rwanda

Jean Flamme

He is a Belgian national who occupied several positions including: Defense counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Defense Counsel at the International Criminal Court, and Defense Counsel at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Former Secretary General and Vice-President of Lawyers without Borders (AsF), Former Secretary General of International Criminal Bar (ICB), Deputy Judge at the Commercial Court of Ghent.

Jean Flamme does not agree that Genocide occurred in Rwanda. In his statement, he said “I defended a Rwandan facing extradition before a Dutch court in The Hague, and one thing I said was that there had not been a genocide in Rwanda”. He was very much attached to former genocidal regime leaders before the 1994.

Other many other Belgian Genocide deniers such as Luc De Temmerman  a Flemish commercial lawyer defending Habyarimana’s family, Col. Theoneste Bagosora, Maj. Bernard Ntuyahaga, and other high officials of the former regime accused of genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. There is also Raymond Frenken, He is a Belgian journalist who is a friend to Paul Rusesabagina leading an armed group that intent to destabilize Rwanda.

The greatlakeseye is conducting a deep research to elaborate a complete list of genocide deniers in western countries to be sued by the law prohibiting genocide denial. 

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