Hundreds of Rwandans enslaved in Ugandan farms of the elite in Ntungamo and Mbarara

Reports reaching The Great Lakes Eye indicate that hundreds of Rwandans that were apprehended by CMI and ISO are taken as slaves and forced to work in farmlands belonging to senior Army officials in UPDF and other high ranking government officials.  

According to eye witnesses, CMI and ISO have deported 10 Rwandans that were arrested and detained incommunicado in Ntungamo CMI detention dungeons accused of illegal border crossing.

Those arrested indicate that they have been severely beaten and forced to work in farms belonging to the elite. According to verified reports from Ntungamo administrative Municipality more than one hundred Rwandans remain languishing in different CMI – ISO cells and other public prisons in Ntugamo without case files and arbitrary arrested and tortured on daily basis.

Internal report compiled by one of the rights group due to be submitted to UN Committee against torture, UN Rapporteur and UN agencies in May 2019, alleges cases of widespread repression and torture of Rwandans.

In wider concept, the report alleges violations of rights to freedoms of association, expression, and assembly persisted, as security forces beat and at times, tortured and arbitrarily detained protesters, journalists and opposition members.

Further  similar reports  by  rights bodies accuse Ugandan security services indicating that investigations into military and police abuses of civilians failed to progress, including into the November 2016 killing of more than 100 civilians in Kasese, western Uganda, and the killings of protestors in September 2009 and April 2011.

Ugandan Government has lured Refugees inciting them to come to Uganda, setting up sign posts. However, most of the refugees were turned as slaves and lured to join negative forces against Rwanda.

Currently reports from Uganda’s Ministry of refugees indicate that the Government of Uganda has removed sign posts that were set in January 2019 luring Rwandans to come to Uganda, an operation that was coordinated by CMI.

Uganda’s refugee policy in a spotlight

Uganda’s minister of disaster preparedness and refugee, Mr. Hilary Onek, while addressing delegates at the intergovernmental authority on development (IGAD) high level experts and ministerial meeting on jobs, livelihood and self-reliance for refugees from Rwanda, Burundi and South Soudan to return home saying that the three countries are stable. Mr. Onek, also complained that some of the refugees instead of reciprocating the hospitality afforded by the government and Ugandan hosts, had turned into enemies.

ISO director, Col. Kaka Bagyenda warned that Ugand’s open door of welcoming refugees from trouble countries in the region has helped criminals infiltrate society and are now posing challenges to security agencies in the country.   As a sign of drastic shifts, Ugandan authorities have ordered the removal of early reported UNHCR sign posts that were put along the borders under CMI coordination.

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