In the death of Ignace Murwanashyaka, Uganda loses an indispensable ally

Uganda’s alliance with FDLR is not premised on a shared ideology. It is an opportunistic one deriving from the “enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend principle” that has prevailed for around two decades.

It should be recalled that while the UN Security Council issued, on 1 November 2005, sanctions including travel ban against Murwanashyaka, the latter was given a Ugandan passport to travel from Germany and visit FDLR troops in the Eastern DRC via Uganda in 2006. He was subsequently arrested in Mannheim, Germany on 8 April 2006 for immigration violations but was released shortly afterwards. Ugandan passports were equally issued to other FDLR leaders including Hyacinthe Rafiki, (alias John Muhindo), who is also a genocide fugitive, and to Major Nsengiyumva a.k.a Patrick Bahati alias Kit Kabasha. It’s equally worth recalling that Uganda is ranked the 2nd country in the world hosting a big number of genocide fugitives who also represent a recruitment base for the FDLR. 

The death of Murwanashyaka comes at the time President Museveni is desperately seeking to unite the increasingly divided and fragmented Rwandan subversive groups to engineer regime change in Rwanda. It is worth recalling that in March 2019, President Museveni had an “accidental” meeting with Rwandan fugitives namely Charlotte Mukankusi and Eugene Richard Gasana who were later “accidentally” given Ugandan passports, while Ugandan state-sponsored media is equally busy sanitizing and promoting controversial figures from Rwandan subversive groups.

On 31 December 2018, the UN Group of Experts released a report that confirmed what many observers knew about Uganda’s hostility against Rwanda: together with Burundi, Uganda facilitates a “recruitment network” for a coalition known as P5, an anti-Rwanda subversive coalition comprised of Amahoro-PC, FDU-Inkingi, PDP-Imanzi, PS-Imberakuri and RNC.

Besides, at instructions of President Museveni, Uganda’s Minister of State for Regional Affairs, Philemon Mateke, hosted between 14 and 15 December 2018 at Serena hotel, Kampala, a meeting bringing together FDLR and RNC leaders, aimed at better coordinating their subversive activities against Rwanda.  

The FDLR’s spokesperson, Ignace Nkaka aka La Forge Bazeye Fils and Jean Pierre Nsekanabo, the Head of Military Intelligence, were intercepted by DRC officials at Bunagana on their way from Uganda and subsequently handed over to Rwanda. The two revealed substantial information on Uganda’s hostile activities against Rwanda.

Both FDLR and Uganda’s Museveni are driven by common urge to overthrow the government of Rwanda, a far-fetched and doomed undertaking.  The arrest of both FDLR spokesman and its intelligence chief, followed by the death of its leader Ignace Murwanashyaka represent a double blow to both FDLR and Uganda. Not only their evil plans were exposed and known to Rwanda, but they equally lost the most committed FDLR public faces that shamelessly whitewashed FDLR atrocities in the media over the years.

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