Investigation: The reason behind Charlotte Mukankusi travels in South Africa and in the region

The great lakes eye has obtained complete travel details of Charlotte Mukankusi and her encounters in South Africa and in the region.     Charlotte Mukankusi is the commissioner for the so called diplomacy of a terrorist group called Rwanda National Congress.  Since mid –October  2019, charlotte Mukankusi has been  moving around particularly in South Africa and in one of the countries in the Great lakes region  with the aim to salvage her  crumbling  terrorist organization  (RNC) that is currently in a state of internalized  wrangles  due to mistrust  and the intolerable nature of Kayumba Nyamwasa and his clique.  The mysterious disappearance of Benjamin Rutabana; another member of RNC terror group at the hands of Kayumba Nyamwasa, Frank Ntwali and Dr. SAM RUVUMA has been a thorn in the side for RNC.  

Who is charlotte mukankusi?

Charlotte Mukankusi has been Kayumba’s concubine for a long time and their relations dates back to the days when both were still serving in the Government of Rwanda. Charlotte Mukankusi   travels on a Ugandan Passport No A00019997 that was given to her as a substantial support by the Government of Uganda. Charlotte Mukankusi has a valid case in India and in Rwanda accused of embezzling more than two billion Rwandan francs from an Indian firm, Angelique International. Additional charges are pending of forgery and breach of trust.

The disappearance of Ben Rutabana at the hands of Kayumba  Nyamwasa has caused havoc within RNC members.

Rwanda National Congress henchmen are currently under intense pressure from the members of the group and the relatives and friends of Rutabana to clarify his whereabouts. His disappearance has generated a mood of panic, fear and mistrust within the group with majority of RNC likely to quit the group.

RNC in a tight corner

RNC has been always in a weak state due to lack of political clarity and inefficiency of Kayumba Nyamwasa. The existing problems within the group, predicts that RNC is due to disintegrate in the future and its activities will remain limited and paralyzed in the due course. The level of influence and mobilization plus other activities of RNC in Europe and America are currently waning. 

Still, working relations between RNC and other subversive groups opposed to the Government of Rwanda appears to be at its lowest levels and a condition of maximum decline is anticipated in that regard due to; mistrust, diverging Interests, Lack of Political Clarity and Ideological differences.  In this regard, organizations that were formerly tied to Rwanda National Congress and contributed to its diplomatic stature and mobilization have ceased cooperation in that endeavor and others have closed doors unexpectedly.   In South Africa for example, Rwanda Platform for Dialogue, Truth and Justice (RPDTJ) created by Dr. Etienne Mutabazi, currently is inactive due to lack of funds and limited devotion and he has ceased to participate in activities related to Rwanda National Congress and most of the time has been in Zambia campaigning for MRCD –Ubwiyunge another terrorist group.

Charlotte Mukankusi beating a dead horse

In a bid to salvage RNC, Charlotte Mukankusi kicked on a tour that took her to South Africa in a company with Jean Marie Vianney Ndagijimana former ambassador who swindled money and fled to France.  There is an English proverb that says birds of the same feathers flock together’’ the phrase means that people who are similar to each other or share similar interests tend to spend time with each other and that’s the case of JMV Ndagijimana and Charlotte Mukankusi.  The purpose to bring Ndagijimana into the equation is to create an alternative back up of Hutu politicians given that those already in RNC have lost trust in Kayumba Nyamwasa and are looking for exit.  Coupled to that, RNC is targeting money from the so called Associations of civil society groups that is led by Jean Marie Vianney Ndagijimana.

 The disappearance of  Benjamin Rutabana  under instructions of Kayumba Nyamwasa  should be an eye opener to all RNC strong cadres that none is immune to Kayumba’s  wrath should he wake up on the wrong side of his bed. Indeed RNC members and operatives should realize that after all, they are ticks who in a wink of an eye can be disposed off.

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