Judi Rever: The embouchure of genocide deniers and double genocide promoters.

Judi Rever, a Canadian freelancer journalist who has never trampled her two feet on Rwandan soil has for long time been a trumpet of genocide perpetrators turning them into victims and falsified a different narrative of genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 with the aim  to wash the hands of those exterminated over one million of Tutsis in 100 days.

She is a self-styled expert in Human Rights and refugee issues in Africa’s Great Lakes Region.  She strengthened her advocacy for the evil, soon after the death of Patrick Karegeya the sworn-in enemy of Rwanda and a brain behind FDLR’s terror activities in Rwanda whom they had love affair (in Latin: concubinatus).  

Judi Rever, a renowned close ally of opponents of Government of Rwanda, uses her profession as journalist to publish defamation against the government leaders with hate speeches full of double genocide promotion.

She received an award by an organization close to the FDU-Inkingi, an outfit composed by people close to genocide fugitives on the run across the world and close to members of the terrorists group FDLR, which group is on sanctions list of the UN Security Council.

Judi Rever has been for long time in close connection with FDU-Inkingi leaders and with the terrorists group FDLR, as shown by documents seized by Dutch police in the home of Victoire Ingabire in The Hague and shared with Rwanda Justice institutions.

Judi Rever’s close associate to advance counter narratives of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi to re-write a new narrative in Rwanda is one Peter Verlinden, a known close ally of groups and organizations whose members are either former genocide perpetrators, or genocide fugitives, or members of FDLR, a terrorist organization under UN Security Council sanction. Verlinden is also known as a close ally to a genocide denier group “Jambo asbl” whose members among them were denied candidacies for municipal elections by Belgian electoral commission for their denial cases and close relationship with subversive and terror organization such FDLR and FDU-Inkingi.

Judi Rever and her associates’ deniers such as Peter Verlinden, Filip Reyntjens have pathological hatred against the truth about genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda. Her publications such as the book “In the Praise of blood” is an absolute proof of a destructive weapon of the heal of wounds from genocide. Judi Rever with her genocide denial squad is trying to keep Rwandans within the political engineered conflicts of the dark past.  

In attempting to challenge the global recognition of the genocide committed against the Tutsis of Rwanda as documented in authoritative history books, adjudicated by the ICTR and acknowledged through UN Security Council Resolution 2150 (2014) of April 16, 2014, Judi Rever’s book propagates ideas, myths and allegations that should be denounced and condemned rather than amplified.

The UN Security Council Resolution 2150 (2014) on the other hand condemned “without reservation any denial of “the genocide committed against the Tutsi” and urged Member States to “develop educational programmes that will inculcate future generations with the lessons of the Genocide in order to help prevent future genocides”

Within the spirit of this recommendation from Res. 2150 (2014), the Tarrant County College NE Campus as an institution connected to higher education in the United States of America, is well placed to fulfill the mission of educating readers of its publications about lessons learnt from the genocide  committed against Rwanda’s Tutsi.

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