Judi Rever’s dark lectures in the finishing line. More than 60 researchers, journalists and historians protested.

More than 60 researchers, journalists and historians have mobilized in less than 48 hours to protest Judi Rever’s lectures in four Belgian Universities.  

Judi Rever a Canadian prodigal freelancer journalist aged around 47 who has never been in Rwanda wants to present her bible of lies “In Praise of Blood: The Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front” to the University of Antwerp, Catholic University of Leuven, University of Brussels and others in an effort to fool them and make them believe her malicious account on Rwanda’s history.

However, the Truth is always as Lion, It let lies dance around and hit at the right time. More than 60 researchers, professional journalists and historians have stood for the truth and protest against lies to show the universities of KULeuven, UAntwerpen, VUB and the director of Artevelde hogeschool Gent the real story that Rwanda and Rwandans have been through. https://openletter294551678.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/open-letter-en-v1.3.pdf

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