LUANDA MoU: Uganda should take a bold decision to arrest members of the RNC Uganda Province committee

The government of Uganda has refuted that there is no RNC Uganda Province Committee ever in Uganda and media houses and blogs belonging to CMI have gone further to indicate that it was probably Kigali’s creation to “reinforce” Rwanda’s media campaign against Uganda.

Others said that it is Rwanda’s Intelligence organs move to launch a Rebel Group named RNC province of Uganda to justify Rwanda’s attack on Uganda.

Recently a cell of RNC members opposed to Frank Ntwali formed a group called RNC Province of Uganda; the group released a press conference with its structures and members most of which are RNC members already operating in Kampala.

It is widely known that RNC operates and runs its bases in Uganda; they are funded by CMI and ISO. If Uganda refutes that there are not collaborating together with RNC members why not order CMI and ISO to investigate this group arrest all those involved and deport them to Rwanda.

Instead they continue to deny any knowledge of this group yet the best way would be to arrest them and handover to Rwanda or bring them before the courts of law.

Who is who among RNC Committee in Uganda?

Deo Nyirigira uses his church to preach RNC’s anti-Rwanda ideology and inculcate the rebel outfit’s agenda into his followers. It is well known that Nyirigira, a personal friend to Kayumba Nyamwasa, coordinates RNC recruitment activities all across Uganda. The man is charged with mobilizing young Rwandans from Ugandan refugee camps to join RNC, with promises of jobs and money “when the Kigali government is toppled.”

Pastor Deo Nyirigira

One of Nyirigira’s children Felix Mwizerwa is a member of RNC’s military wing; he has been actively involved in RNC recruitment of Rwandan refugees and transporting them to training camps in eastern DRC. In the infamous “Kikagati border incident” Mwizerwa escaped with the help of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) agents. He was with a group of 46 RNC recruits headed to Minembwe in Congo when Uganda Immigration officials noticed they were Kinyarwanda speakers, but were travelling on forged Ugandan papers.

Pastor Nyirigira is RNC throughout. He is the kind of person ready to use every lie possible against Rwanda and has turned his AGAPE church into a place for mobilizing funds for RNC activities within Uganda. He also runs RNC income-generating activities in Uganda which include Hardware shops (New Gisa Hardware Ltd), farming and livestock projects.

He has been using money from the church to bribe Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) commanders to guard him and his quarters claiming that his life was threatened.

Dr. Gideon Rukundo Rugali, the RNC-NRM activist, is all over the social networks preaching hate campaigns.
Gideon Rukundo Rugali represents the unholy alliance of the RNC terrorist movement and the Ugandan ruling party NRM. Aware of his regime’s commitment in the Luanda MoU, the NRM aspiring MP candidate actually stepped up his social media attacks.

Dr. Gideon Rukundo Rugali

He is now venturing, unhindered, in threatening the accredited Rwandan Ambassador in Uganda. His Facebook attacks are more than violations of the MoU; they are also violating the1961 Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations. The convention clearly outlines that a resident diplomat’s security and safety is under the host country’s responsibility, and specifically, it affords a central role and status to heads of missions.

The NRM member’s attacks on the Head of Rwanda’s Diplomatic mission are bizarre in many ways, but the fact that NRM does not rebuke him is deliberate. Normally Diplomats are supposed to be under the protection of Uganda state; how can they justify that their ruling party member is allowed to slander, smear and even threaten an accredited Head of Diplomatic mission?

In supporting the RNC terrorist movement, the Ugandan regime has given carte blanche to his intelligence and security agencies to harass innocents Rwandans, it seems clear that it has now extended the same privilege to attack Rwandan diplomats. How are ordinary Rwandans supposed to feel safe enough to travel to Uganda when diplomats face such hostile attacks?
To claim to Chimpreports and other blogs that he is not associated to RNC is a naked lie.

In the coming posts, The Great Lakes Eye tell you about Frank Ruhinda the nephew of deceased Col Patrick Karegeya and how he was employed to guard one of the properties belonging to the first family in Kampala, Christophe Busigo and the rest of the RNC new committee.

Watch this space…

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