Makerere University students strikes; The Government of Uganda should full fill the demands of protestors instead of looking for scapegoats.

It’s almost a week since Makerere students strike   kicked off; Police are involved in running battles with the students of Makerere University who are protesting against the 15% tuition increment policy by the University.

The students are also protesting against the treatment of the female students who had initiated the demonstrations

As the strike evolves, three journalists were arrested as they tried to cover Makerere University students’ tuition protest on 28 October 2019. The Police fired teargas at journalists who were covering the protest, arrested and taken some to unknown places as the protest enters second week. The journalists so far arrested include Lawrence Kitata of Bukedde newspaper, Chris Ssemakula of BBS television and a BBC correspondent.

 President Museveni has ordered the army out of Makerere University following an outcry from students, Makerere community, parents and the general public that the security deployed at the university had meted violence against the students.

However, as the protests continue, Media outlets sponsored by CMI and ISO are circulating Propaganda linking the protests to Rwanda to divert public attention and to look for scapegoats. 

CMI and ISO continue to spread negative propaganda against Rwanda aimed at making Rwanda a scapegoat for insecurity prevailing in the country, emerging of strong opposition from People Power and poor service delivery.

The intention is to link People Power movement of Bobi Wine which is being portrayed as a terrorist group to Rwanda.

 Security officials have made remarks insisting that students are being paid from a certain mobile money outlet at the University premises to strike and that there is a hand of foreign backing.

Makerere University Guild President Julius Kateregga was arrested by CMI operatives  shortly after appearing on NBS TV in Kampala.

 People especially students and parents are amused by President Museveni’s remarks that he was not aware who deployed soldiers at Makerere University.

Social media videos have emerged showing military police personnel raiding and breaking into rooms at Lumumba Hall and University Hall (UH) and indiscriminately beating students and destroying their property.

Politicians like Kiiza Besigye have condemned the protests saying that Makerere is a public institution that should not sanction such ‘inconsiderate’ fees hikes given the economic situation. He contends that there is no way President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni would have studied if such hard economic conditions were created at the time he went to school. A female student, Siperia Mollie Saasiraabo who led a peaceful protest against fees increment is currently admitted in Mengo hospital following an attack by unknown people.

The university vice-chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe has previously defended the hike saying Makerere is currently charging some of the lowest tuition fees in the country and region. Besigye says there is a continuous wave of terror at Makerere University aimed at denying students their right to express discontent at hiking of tuition fees.  Dr. Kiiza Besigye recently announced a new activism campaign to fight for citizenly , dubbed ‘Tweraneko’ aka ‘Article 3 Campaign’ which he said will seek to address the ongoing injustices in the country as a mechanism to devise their own solutions to ongoing problems in the country.

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