Museveni vows to mobilize against Rwanda, orders CMI to step up efforts to bring together RNC and FDLR

On 9 March 2019, while in Mukono District where he commissioned five factories, President Museveni signaled that he would mobilize against those who want to destabilize Uganda. “Those who want to destabilize our country do not know our capacity. It is very big. Once we mobilize, you can’t survive”, the President said. Observers knowledgeable on Rwanda-Uganda issues indicate that the President was indirectly referring to Rwanda which he has continued indirectly to blame for a spate of assassinations of high ranking government officials by unknown assassins. Those who know Museveni whenever he is hatching an evil plan against you, he prefers to speak in folktales in order not to be quoted in case the plan is discovered.

Meanwhile, as tensions between Uganda and Rwanda continue to rise, the latter has advised its citizens to limit their travels to Uganda because those who go there are arrested, tortured, harassed and deported for no reason. About 900 Rwandans are believed to be detained by CMI and ISO in their torture chambers.

According to well-placed sources whose identity we cannot reveal for their security, on 10 March 2019 President Museveni briefed his security chiefs and informed them that since he would not wish an open war with Rwanda since he is not sure of winning it, he would prefer a strong proxy force he would support against Rwanda. It is upon this background, that in this meeting he ordered CMI, ISO, ESO and Police Chiefs to step up efforts to facilitate and bring together RNC, FDLR and other Rwandan rebel movements with view of launching a united front against Rwanda. It is worth recalling that the RNC is a rebel group led by dissident Kayumba Nyamwasa while the FDLR is a rebel group composed in part of former Rwandan soldiers and Hutu militias who carried out genocide against the Tutsi and fled to the DRC in 1994.

The same sources revealed that when Museveni said that “once we mobilize, you can’t survive”, he meant mobilizing Rwandan opposition groups not Ugandans because he knows very well that no Ugandan would support him to launch war against a neighbor with no cause whatsoever except ego and sheer arrogance. In fact, in their analysis, the sources indicated that considering how Ugandans are tired of Museveni, they would instead use the opportunity to turn against him. Meanwhile, Ugandans continue to pile pressure on their government to respond to Rwanda’s concerns for the good of the citizens of the two countries. It remains to be seen if Museveni would risk going to war whose end state is unknown even to himself.

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