Opinion: As Burundi goes into the 2020 polls, what next for the country’s future?

As Burundi moves closer to the 2020 elections slated in May next year, there are signs of deepening political crisis exacerbated by the failure of successive attempts to find a smooth path to the 2020 elections.  To date, three main rival groups have emerged within CNDD-FDD based on regionalism politics.   The three rival groups consist of politicians and Army Generals from the western part of Burundi of the Imbo region, and then there is another group of politicians hailing from the North and another group of CNDD-FDD disgruntled cadres who feel excluded daily politics and activities of their party.

Each group within CNDD-FDD is trying to pull the strings by seeking alliance with powerful figures in Public sector and in other crucial sectors as a backup and contingency plan. 

 Time to call a spade a spade

According  to insiders within CNDD-FDD,  it’s not business as usual  majority of CNDD-FDD Political cadres and  Senior CNDD-FDD military leaders are in confrontation  with  each other  and a series of meeting have been convened to address the issue but all have ended with no appropriate action.  For instance at the beginning of this month  there has been a meeting held in Ngozi Province  to propose the next  CNDD-FDD 2020 flag bearer, however the meeting ended with no resolution instead opened wounds for bitter rivalries and animosities .

Signs of Time Bomb ahead of 2020 elections

President   Pierre Nkurunziza   continues to exert control over the political landscape in Burundi, as political opposition leaders like Agathon Rwasa have been intimidated and silenced, arrested, and others in the CNARED umbrella have been forced into exile.

Election preparation processes for the 2020 elections in Burundi are increasingly shrouded in secrecy and the process paving the ground for nominating the successor is largely exclusive and increasingly shrouded in secrecy.  The current trend of events in CNDD-FDD party signals internal disagreement at the very top of the CNDD-FDD.

The last minute nature of Nkurunziza’s attempt to announce his successor or decide to contest is primarily due to strong internal resistance likely to happen since most of the Army Generals and top officials are positioning themselves behind curtains.

Inevitably, there is no more than a speculative hypothesis taking into consideration the recurrent allegations that CNDD-FDD Generals from the western part of Burundi known as  plaine de l’imbo reject Pierre Nkurunziza’s reappearance in polls.

Whatever the case, the process to appoint a successor or for Nkurunziza to take decision to contest for the 2020 polls remains in the conjunctural hands of a few insider actors.

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