Opinion: Epitomizing Trans-Generational Genocide Ideology: Jambo AsblOpinion: Epitomizing Trans-Generational Genocide Ideology: Jambo Asbl

There are 10 stages of genocide according to Dr. Gregory H. Stanton (1986). The 10th and last stage of genocide is denial. It is among the surest indicators of possible further genocidal massacres. Perpetrators remain with impunity, unless they are captured and a tribunal is established to try them. They form groups and associations to deny that they committed any crime, intimidate the witnesses trying to cover up the evidence and often cook all sorts of stories in order to divert the blame on the victims.

First Category planners and perpetrators, burdened with their guiltiness over their heads and afraid to be spotted by the Justice, plus lack of moral authority to personally challenge any genocide related history due to their involvement in that worst crime against humanity, they front those, among their sympathizers and descendants, whom they think were not directly involved in the genocide, to carry on their agenda to deny the genocide they committed.

Jambo a.s.b.l members are descendants of the genocide against the Tutsi perpetrators and represent their interests. Jambo supports FDLR, a hutu rebel armed group, operating in Eastern DRC, representing genocide ideology and whose mission is to overthrow the current GoR so as to finish the task they left unfinished: To wipe out all Tutsis. One of FDLR top leaders Gen Pacifique Ntawunguka a.k.a OMEGA swore that he will never come back to Rwanda until there is not a single Tutsi remaining on the Rwandan soil.

Jambo ASBL is a negationist platform hiding behind the banner of a diaspora youth movement. They use this cover to promote a negationist version of the Genocide against the Tutsi committed in Rwanda in 1994. They are sons and daughters of perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsis. This association of evil was created and formed by genocide fugitives who escaped justice and formed armed groups and non-armed groups to validate researchers and scholars’ findings that denial is the last phase of the Genocide: They fabricate stories and pay/bribe witnesses to shift the blame on the victims. Some members maliciously claim to be victims of the same genocide to make their cooked their testimonies look neutral and therefore credible.

Jambo asbl was conceived in DRC. After committing the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, perpetrators immediately fled to Zaire, currently Democratic Republic of Congo. At their arrival in DRC, they were already planning how to convince the world that the genocide they painstakingly planned, and executed was a spontaneous conflict between two opposing groups. They set a commission to learn why they were defeated and set a plan to respectfully comeback home with an objective to retake power. One of the commission’s recommendations was the setting up of a new group, the Rally for the Return of Refugees and Democracy (RDR) that was entrusted with Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.

Recall that RDR was splinted into FDU-Inkingi composed of the true believers in the politics of the so called Hutu-Power Politics, and would thereafter be home to every Hutu-Power faction and FDLR composed of extremist elements from the former governing party, the National Republican Movement for Democracy and Development (MRND), and another extremist group, The Coalition for the Defence of the Republic, (CDR).

Another recommendation was to encourage sympathetic journalists to gain access to influential media houses, then keep in touch with them, and through them pump out messages promoting their agenda to the world. It is in this context that Col Juvenal Bahufite came up with an idea of creating Jambo asbl. He was highly trusted in the circles of extremists. As a sector commander in Gisenyi, he was particularly influential in the training of Interahamwe militia. Exiled in former Zaire after being defeated by The RPF-RPA, Bahufite was appointed head of military intelligence for the genocidal forces (the current FDLR). His daughter, Liliane Bahufite was among the first leaders of Jambo asbl.

Criminal liability may be personal, but members of Jambo ASBL are hiding behind their vitriol anger over the prosecution and tracking of their parents and relatives as a result of their role in the mass slaughter of Tutsis, to white-wash a dark agenda. However, Jambo asbl’s inconsistence makes the audience lose focus. On one hand they accept genocide against the Tutsi, but they do not want perpetrators to be tried and pay for their crimes; the point that anyone can ask to everyone among the following members of Jambo asbl.  

Placide Kayumba – founder and former leader of Jambo ASBL: He is the son of Dominique Ntawukuriryayo, former Sous-Préfet of Gisagara in Southern Province during the Genocide. In 2010, Ntawukuriryayo was sentenced to 25 years by the former International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) over Genocide. He led the killings at Kabuye hill where more than 30,000 Tutsis were massacred.

Placide Kayumba

Natacha Abingeneye – also former leader of Jambo asbl: She is the daughter of Juvénal Uwiringiyimana, a former Trade Minister and senior member of the then ruling MRND party of President Juvenal Habyarimana. He is one of the creators of Interahamwe militia. In June 2005, Uwiringiyimana was indicted by the ICTR for Genocide. He died before his case could be settled. By the time he passed on, he had taken a plea bargain and was collaborating with the ICTR prosecution to give crucial evidence against his accomplices.

Ruhumuza Mbonyumutwa – member: He is a son to Shingiro Mbonyumutwa and grandson of Dominique Mbonyumutwa, first leader of Rwanda in 1961. Mbonyumutwa is the one who set in motion the ethnic agenda that would be reinforced by his successors Gregoire Kayibanda and Juvenal Habyarimana. Shingiro Mbonyumutwa is a Genocide fugitive who was a member of MDR-Power extremist party. He served as DireCab (chief of staff) of Prime Minister Jean Kambanda during the Genocide. Jean Kambanda oversaw the implementation of the Genocide, travelling around Rwanda mobilising local villagers and militias to “work”. In one particular location that remains in the psyche of the whole world Kambanda was on national TV distributing guns. He even displayed his pistol, to demonstrate how well-armed the Genocide machinery was.

Ruhumuza Mbonyumutwa

Norman Ishimwe Sinamenye: He is the son of Mathias Sinamenye, who was the Minister in Habyarimana’s regime. He was a close friend to Félicien Kabuga, one of the planners and a big financier of the genocide against the Tutsi. He is a communication and secretary commissioner of Jambo asbl.

Norman Ishimwe Sinamenye

Patrice Rudatinya Mbonyumutwa: the son of Shingiro Mbonyumutwa. He is based in Luxembourg and he is the Vice-president of the Belgian section of Ingabire’s FDU-Inkingi Party. In 1994, when he was a student in National University of Rwanda at Mburabuturo, he was the Head of CDR party.  He is Jambo asbl member and adviser.

Patrice Rudatinya

Gustave Mutware Mbonyumutwa: He is the son of Mbonyumutwa Shingiro, he is the Chariman of the Board of Jambo asbl. He is the organizer of all conferences that meant to clear their father’s role during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

Robert Mugabowindekwe: He is the son of Ephrem Rwabarinda, a Colonel in Habyarimana’s army. Mugabowindekwe’s wife Kami Runyinya Rachel is the daughter of Professor Runyinya Barabwiriza, who was a special adviser to Habyarimana. He was also the President of MNRD in Butare prefecture. Among his responsibilities include overseeing the training of the Interahamwe Militia in Butare. He is the Counselor Brain Jambo.

Robert Mugabowindekwe

Laura Uwase: The daughter to Nkundakozera Anastase and Agnes Mukarugomwa (She was in charge of information in the ministry of Internal security during genocide against the Tutsi) a virulent and active genocide denier with her own online radio and tv, Ikondera. She was born on 28th January 1992; she was just two years old during the genocide in 1994. Meaning that she is indoctrinated only through her parents and friends like the Mbonyumutwas. She is Lawyer Brussels Bar LLB.

Laura Uwase

Denise Zaneza: The 1st born of fugitive Marcel Sebatware, A native of Busogo who stands accused of crucial role in Genocide AgainstTutsi in the former Cyangugu Prefecture. During Genocide against the Tutsi, he was the general Manager of CIMERWA, located in Bugarama. He organized killings of Tutsis Cyangugu.  Even as a fugitive on the run in Belgium, he remains active in spread & advocacy of Genocide ideology through FDUInkingi. However, Denise Zaneza potrays in Jambo asbl as Genocide survivor; no one ask her which genocide he survived, because when her father was exterminating Tutsis, She was well at home waiting the meat from cows of Tutsis.

Denise Zaneza

Kami Rachel Runyinya: the daughter to Professor Runyinya Barabwiriza, who was a special adviser to former President Habyarimana. He was also the President of MNRD in Butare prefecture. He was the master mind of killings in Butare.

Rachel Kami Runyinya with her Father Barabwiriza

Jean Jacques Uzabumuhire: He is the son of Alexis Nsanzumuhire, Félicien Kabuga’s brother and he was among the richest persons in the pre-genocide era. He was also among the top financiers of the genocide like his brother Kabuga.      

Jean Jacques Uzabumuhire

Abewe Mireille Kagabo is the daughter of Kagabo Innocent a football player of Kiyovu Sport who was killed by Interahamwe on 07 Apr 1994. His mother is a sister to Assiel Kabera, former Advisor to Former President Bizimungu, and a relative to Ben Rutabana and Assinapol Rwigara who, driven by power greed, formed the so-called “Solidarité Kibuye” with their hidden agenda to weaken further the fragile post genocide situation. She was caught into that mayhem in her head and made a wicked choice to betray her parents and family. Abewe Mireille knows very well that Interahamwe killed his father and relatives: It requires someone to be highly mentally disturbed to cuddle with the killers of one’s family who have not relinquished on the plan to wipe out his/her family. Abewe is a victim of naivety which allowed her to listen to power greedy elders with wicked political.

Abewe Mireille Kagabo

Claudine Mukashema, is the daughter to Byambiriye, a known businessman in Gisenyi who was killed by “Abacengezi” during their 1996-1998 infiltration. Mukashema was born on 15 September 1982 and she was 12 years old during the genocide against the Tutsi. She was old enough to understand how his father was killed unless he was not around.  You can forgive and be compassionate with them but collaborating with descendants of your killers (Abacengezi in this case) it is beyond a normal person’s imagination. Deniers have the ability to turn the butterfly into scale insect and use it against their relatives. This is what Jambo asbl is doing in their negation and revisionism phase, using victims as a weapon to manipulate the world and cover their parents’ crimes of committing the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Claudine Mukashema

Claude Gatebuke – He is faking the status of genocide survivor, while he is actually the opposite. His father Gatsinzi Gatebuke is a Hutu Power extremist who worked in Rwanda’s Office National de la Population (ONAPO). Gatsinzi Gatebuke was born in Kayove Gisenyi. He was among the Hutu extremists who used to parade in Gisenyi streets singing that Rwanda and everything in Rwanda Belongs to Hutus. He was extremist to the extent that he could not seat with a Tutsi in a restaurant, bar, office or elsewhere.

Claude Gatebuke

Everyone is surprised to hear Claude Gatebuke and Alice Gatebuke lying to the world that they are survivors of the genocide against the Tutsi! They are never specific on which genocide they survived: whether is Armenian, Holocaust or Genocide against Tutsi. This fraudster failed to explain how he survived the genocide to thereafter follow Genocidaires to former Zaïre from where he left to go join his father in Tennessee, USA.  Gatebuke took the opportunity to exploit the generosity of gullible Americans who are unaware of his duplicitous speeches and publications full of lies to portray himself as a Genocide Survivor.

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