Opinion: The Museveni I know, contrary to the one hailed by Theogene Rudasingwa

Of the recent, I came across a propaganda article written by Theogene Rudasingwa  the current chair of the so called Rwanda Freedom Movement – Ishakwe(RFM-Ishakwe)  and the coordinator of his ghost subversive group called the New- RNC.

During the article that appeared at chimpreports, Rudasingwa heaped much praise to President Museveni to an extent to mention that without Museveni’s support and role the RPF would not have liberated Rwanda.  For someone who knows Rudasingwa very well, I was not surprised by his blatant statement, given the fact that he was anti-struggle right from the beginning and at Makerere University. 

Rudasingwa was among the few Rwandans that fought so hard to suppress mobilization activities conducted by the RPF cadres and himself penned down numerous theoretical opinions aimed at influencing public opinion against the RPF until he realized that his efforts were futile and pledged his allegiance to the RPF with hidden motives.   I remember various meetings he used   to organize in Nairobi targeting Rwandans in Kenya, and how he was snubbed and left frustrated.   

At the time when mobilization to join the RPF struggle was ripe in 1988- 1990, Rudasingwa was busy doing the opposite, travelling in parts of Nairobi like; Riruta satellite, Riverside, upper hill and other places of Kenya where majority of Rwandans used to stay.  Rudasingwa used to campaign against the RPF during the encounters with Rwandans on basis of his socialist views and he was an admirer of a Germany writer called Ernst Friedrich.

In review of his recent article, one would ask another pertinent question; would have President Museveni attained power without the support of Rwandans in Uganda?  For those who were together with President Museveni during the NRM struggle they will attest enormous courage and sacrifice of Rwandans during and after the NRM struggle. 

What is true is that both Theogene Rudasingwa and Kayumba Nyamwasa suffer from the Museveni syndrome and have never believed and thought of the independent Rwanda in their minds and they believe that everything concerning Rwanda has to be dictated by President Museveni.   They share the same line of thought with President Museveni who has failed to consider Rwanda as an independent state that has to manage its own affairs without consulting him.

 Distractions to Rwanda’s initiatives Mainly by Ugandan Leadership

It is very unfortunate and shameful for the relations between Rwanda and Uganda to have deteriorated to extent of Uganda to forge proxy army against Rwanda.

For those who know Museveni, he wants to take command and control of everything in the Great Lakes Region.  This has been Museveni’s ambitions right from history, in the year 2000, Museveni at one stage in a meeting in Libya tried to commit the Rwandan Government in absentia to an agreement that was meant to give Libya corridors to operate within DRC.  I understand that Rwanda resisted this, yet Museveni had promised late Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi he would prevail on the Rwandan leadership, it did not augur well with him.

Given the current state of relations between the two countries, one would easily conclude that  president Museveni  has his own ill motive  plans against Rwanda  and the initiatives by regional countries  will have little impact to influence President Museveni and yet he is the only with the solution to the problem since he is the only  cause   to the problem.

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