OPINION:Someone coaching Ofwono Opondo on what to say or write in regards to issues concerning Rwanda- Uganda should be fired, enough with endless blunders!!!

On November 22, 2019, Ofwono Opondo Ofwono Uganda’s Media Centre Executive Director released a media statement refuting tangible facts that the government of Uganda is working closely with Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and other subversive groups , hostile individuals against the Government of Rwanda.

Opondo’s statement is full of lies and contradictions since the Luanda MoU never recommended for the establishment of a joint verification team. Besides, there is no need for the committee since there is nothing to verify.

It is a known fact that the Government of Uganda has been openly supporting Rwanda’s enemies including RNC by offering financial support and free movement. It is on record that Museveni himself accepted to have personally met RNC’s head of diplomacy charlotte Mukankusi and Eugene Gasana by accident. It doesn’t require rocket science to know that FDLR spokesperson Col. Laforge fils Bazeyi and Theophile Abega were equally arrested on their way from Uganda.

It is on record that Benjamin Rutabana currently detained by CMI on orders of Kayumba Nyamwasa has been frequenting Uganda and hosted by CMI and ISO operatives, and provided escorts. The same applies to Kayumba’s brother in law Frank Ntwali the key player in the RNC; he has made Kampala and Serena hotel his own house.

Adeline Rwigara Confirms that Ben RUTABANA is in the hands of RNC.

Ugandan government through its security organs has and continue to give Rwandan enemies media platform to tarnish Rwanda’s image using government managed national papers (New Vision, and injected money in private like Chimpreports, Daily Monitor and creating numerous blogs) to boost their media strategy against the government of Rwanda. Additionally, mainstream media like New Vision has carried out a series of negative articles attacking Rwanda.

Harassment and persecution of Rwandans including illegal arrests and dumping on Rwandan borders among other inhuman acts doesn’t require verification team.

The Luanda Ad-hoc commission doesn’t need to verify if Fils bazeye and Theophile Abega were arrested while coming from Uganda in a meeting coordinated by CMI.

The above series of hostilities by Ugandan government doesn’t need to be verified at all. Instead, by pushing for the setting up of joint verification mechanisms, Uganda is playing tactics and diversion because they are aware such joint teams will never come up with anything.

It would have made sense if Ofwono and his team of coaches would have requested the Government of Rwanda to cooperate in arresting the self-proclaimed RNC Province in Uganda and handle them to justice. Most of the committee members are people who have criminal files and records in Rwanda. Next time Ofwono opondo should clearly pay attention while listening to his bosses during the briefing and not to imagine dates, or ignore facts.

By Moses Lukwago.

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