Pacifique Ntawunguka OMEGA; the FDLR’s Exploding bomb!

After a disgraceful death of Lt. Gen. Mudacumura (spoon commander) who was considered to be one of the most radical leaders of FDLR/FOCA, Maj. Gen. Pacifique Ntawungu a.k.a Omega immediately replaced him as it was his long time wish to the extent that he would even get rid of him. Ntawunguka accused Mudacumura of being reluctant in attacking the Government of Rwanda to overthrow the RPF based government.

Ntawunguka Pacifique a.k.a Gen Omega; or Nzeri; or Israel was born in 1964 in former Gaseke commune in Gisenyi prefecture. He attended 25th intake of the military academy and later in 1994 he was the commander of the 94th battalion that which was part of commune Muvumba but Muvumba fell to the RPA and Ntawungu made his way to Kigali. Ntawunguka fled to North Kivu and joined Victor Byiringiro to lead the insurgency back in the country. In the insurgency, Ntawunguka was the operation commander of operation sector known as Bethlehem that was tasked to cover former Gisenyi.

Ntawunguka should always stay off the radar due to heavy sanctions by the United Nations and U.S. government on him and his organization-the “democratic forces for the liberation of Rwanda” (FDLR), on a global terrorist blacklist. However, this may not work out due to his stubborn war character of willing to wage a war in the region, the suicide mission that Mudacumura did not like before he was killed due to the collaboration of Ntawunguka and some members of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s P5 to tip FARDC against the old Sylivestre Mudacumura.

During his command as sector 1 commander in North Kivu he was characterized by merciless and rough leadership. He always wanted to engage in war over his hatred against the Government of Rwanda without taking note of shortage of soldiers, ammunitions and food. The great Lakes analysts think that Ntawunguka’s Leadership will attract many defections fearing that he is going to start war with pretext of revenging Mudacumura’s death and this may look like FDLR’s conclusion. One of the lieutenants captured during the attack against Mudacumura said that “Ntawunguka is like a bomb ready to explode and spurt each and every individual around it”. “He is the one who is going to conclude our rebellion”. He added.

Ntawunguka Omega’s trap against RNC is to make a coalition with Kayumba Nyamwasa’s P5 to strengthen insurgence the is in possession of evidences that in October 2013, Ntawunguka made a telephone conversation with RNC top cadres to make a strong alliance. However it was also revealed that the deal was between Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC and Ntawunguka without the consent of Mudacumura. This also may be the reason to get rid of him in order to continue destabilizing the Region using former dissidents.  Nevertheless, one advice can be important for Kayumba Nyamwasa’s rebellion, that Ntawunguka wants to use them for his interests as Ntawunguka himself pronounced in his mouth that he will never go back to Rwanda until there is no any Tutsi remaining in the Country. Then, how can RNC members be sure that they will survive this bomb as 95% of RNC/P5 are Tutsi defectors.

Pacifique Ntawunguka is on UN and US sanctions due to impeding repatriation or resettlement of combatants, in violation of UNSCR 1857 (2008) OP 4 (b). According to the 13 February 2008 UNSC DRC Sanctions Committees Group of Experts report, girls recovered from FDLR-FOCA had previously been abducted and sexually abused. Since mid-2007, FDLR-FOCA, which usually recruits boys in their mid to late teens, has been forcefully recruiting youth from the age of 10 years. The youngest are then used as escorts, and older children are deployed as soldiers on the frontline, in violation of UNSCR 1807 (2008).

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