Patrick Habamenshi: An unquenchable or devouring son?

Habamenshi Patrick

Patrick Habamenshi is the Son of Callixte Habamenshi, a known PARMEHUTU adherent. Patrick Habamenshi has been like the unquenchable son “Umwana w’Ingayi”: He was picked from the studio in Canada by RPF who made him a man but he was never contented.

He was  sacked 2005 as  the then Agriculture Minister in connection with tendering anomalies for which he was later dragged to the courts of law. He is known in connection with several tendering irregularities involving millions of Francs while serving as minister and he escaped justice.

Minister of Agriculture, he has never been like a son at home but he swallowed the public money like he would never live on this globe. He even went far and set his hand on the money meant to be used in healthcare (Faisal Medicare).

As that was not exposed his philanderer capabilities when he enjoyed another man’s wife’s intimate services – The victim who was an employee of Minagri succumbed to the abnormal libido of his boss Patrick Habamenshi. None should be surprised to see Patrick Habamenshi on the list of panelists of Jambo Asbl as an asset to be used for double genocide promotion. Deniers such as Jambo asbl and sympathizers will do what it takes to wash the hands of their parents and relatives and they can even buy such fugitive and hiding individuals to cook testimonies to support their immoral agenda.

Patrick Habamenshi is working in International Development Expert mostly with the UN, focused on African Micro-Enterprises. UN agencies should know they kind of person they working with; he is collaborating with genocide suspects and terrorist groups that are fighting to remove the government of Rwanda.  Not only, is he actively involved in activities aimed at denial of Tutsi genocide. Through his pseudo foundation called UMURAGE Foundation, based in Amsterdam, he is mobilizing resources meant to support activities of terror groups that claimed the lives of innocent civilians.

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