Paul Rusesabagina is crying like a baby!

Everyone remembers when Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who wants to destabilize Rwanda by war means,  on VoA shuttering that his mouthpiece Mr. Nsabimana Callixte Sankara the FLN spokesperson was secure and safe. However, it was like a knife in the back for him, to hear such bad news that the self-styled major was arrested and detained by Rwanda Investigation Bureau. He started toing and froing around looking for someone who can replace Sankara and got none due to the shortage of competent men in his group.

Last Sunday, Paul Rusesabagina appointed “Captain” Herman Nsengimana as the new Spokesperson of FLN replacing Nsabimana Callixte Sankara.

Who is Herman Nsengimana

Herman Nsengimana was born in Muyira sector, Nyanza district and attended studies in his native area where he stopped his studies on secondary level at Mutima secondary school. He joined subversive groups in 2014 recruited by his brother Niyomugabo Gerald who was also recruited by Nsabimana Calixte Nsankara. Niyomugabo Gerald was reported missing in early 2014 shortly after the arrest of Kizito Mihigo and Ntamuhanga Casien.

Herman Nsengimana is a person with short minded who with no clear vision and full of contradictory views where he criticize Rwanda’s education policy saying that Education for all program is a program set to fool Rwandans especially youth so that they do not think of any other others development projects and manipulated by the government. Herman shares the same thinking with his boss Paul Rusesabagina who think that teaching youth whom you do not have their places in the government institution is losing their time. This shows that Paul Rusesabagina fears that he cannot control the educated population, which is the reason of recruiting and appointing low educated members so that he can control them easily.

Paul Rusesabagina, Callixte Nsabumana (Sankara) and Herman Nsengimana

Remember that Paul Rusesabagina did not receive any formal education and passed much of his life serving in hotels. Everyone can imagine the thinking of a hotel waiter who turned himself into a politician and now wants to become a president.

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