President Museveni encourages smuggling by awarding 10 Million shillings to the family of the shot smuggler

As recently stated by The Great Lakes Eye, President Museveni is encouraging smuggling along Rwanda-Uganda common border to implement his ill-advised grand scheme to sabotage Rwanda. 

According to sources in CMI, Museveni’s scheme is a threefold; (1) inflict fear and tension among citizens along the border to lure Rwandans to cross into Uganda; (2) to support terror activities in Rwanda; and (3) to recruit and support militias against the Rwanda.

In his quest to implement his plan he has given out 10 Million shillings to the family of the deceased smuggler Alex Nyesiga Atuheire.  The money was delivered on behalf of President Museveni by the Rukiga woman member of Parliament Caroline Kamusime Muhwezi. 

Will Museveni have the courage to support and compensate the families of countless Rwandans victimised by Uganda’s Intelligence organs?

Many people were surprised by Museveni’s gesture to award 10 Million shillings to the families of the recently shot smuggler given that it was the first time President Museveni to make such offers and pronouncements.  President Museveni is known to give out money only during the electoral campaigns but this time around he gave out 10 Million shillings which sends out the message that the gesture was political in nature and intended to encourage more people along the border to resort to smuggling goods to Rwanda to justify his earlier claims and agenda.  Over the past, they have been cases of murder in Uganda and many people lost their lives but Museveni has not offered support to the families of the deceased apart from making political pronouncements aimed at frightening opponents and voices of reason.  

Many political commentators maintain that President Museveni should compensate families of Rwandan victims languishing in CMI/ISO death Dungeons, as the case with the deceased smuggler Alex Nyesiga Atuheire.

Victims allege cases of torture and bribery at the hands of CMI

Three  Rwandans who recently  were deported by Ugandan Authorities,  told journalists that they  were jailed in Mbuya at the Headquarters of CMI for one month and two weeks.  Both indicate that they were tortured at the hands of CMI to seek false confessions.

CMI and ISO intensifies movements along the borderline

Uganda Intelligence agencies thus CMI and ISO have increased their movements along borderline.

Images circulating at social media show CMI staff at Kizinga border Sam Tumwine in a company with UPDF Maj. Mushambo. 2nd Division IO;  Maj. Karakire from CMI Headquarters etc.

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