President Museveni’s unwavering support to Rwandan terrorist groups is not yet to cease

In the past three to four weeks, Ugandan media outlets especially The New Vision which is a government owned news paper have been publishing a series of interviews with leaders of a Rwandan terrorist group, the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) with view of preaching its propaganda against the government of Rwanda. The latest interview was accorded to Leah Karegeya on Saturday 13 April 2019.

Leah Karegeya is a wife to Patrick Karegeya, the founder member of RNC who was strangled on New Year’s Eve in 2013, in a five star Michelangelo hotel in the Sandton district, South Africa by unknown people. The RNC on the other hand is a terrorist organization  which has committed unspeakable crimes in Rwanda and are still determined to carry on their agenda. In the run up to 2010 Presidential elections in Rwanda,  RNC operatives carried out 28 grenade attacks in different parts of the country which claimed lives of 17 people and wounded more than 400 others. Some of the operatives who were apprehended confessed to have been sent by Patrick Karegeya and Kayumba Nyamwasa to sabotage the planned elections.

Terror attacks in Kigali City Center on 2 Jan and 23 Jan 12 claimed the lives of 02 people leaving 41 injured. (Photo Courtesy)

During the interview, Leah Karegeya who is currently based in USA indicated that her husband was an innocent man who only fell out with his boss. She went on to accuse the government of Rwanda of being responsible for the death of her husband, yet an ongoing courtcase in South Africa has not yet determined who is responsible for Karegeya’s death. Through out the interview, she tarnished the image of Rwanda and its leadership while at the same time selling the RNC agenda and praising the government of Uganda particularly President  Museveni whom she called his father.

On 18 March 2019, the Newvision had published another interview it held with a Rwandan dissident, and RNC financier, Ayabatwa Tribert Rujugiro. The interview was intended to counter the compelling evidence which Rwanda had presented to the government of Uganda indicating how Rujugiro’s  business in Uganda was being used to finance Rwandan rebels. All the questions the journalist posed to him aimed at clearing his name or undermining the government of Rwanda and to show that he is not working with either RNC or  Ugandan government since he is not a politician but rather a businessman who is less interested in politics.

Rujugiro’s interview with The New Vision was followed by another one held with RNC propagandist David Himbara on 23 March 2019. In this interview, he tried to undermine Rwanda’s development and falsely claimed that the economy of Rwanda is controlled by Crystal Ventures, the business arm of the RPF. It should be reminded that Himbara is a disgruntled fellow who once worked with the President of Rwanda only to be dismissed for abuse of office, arrogance and disrespect of ethical decorum.

All the above are indications that Ugandan media, especially The New Vision has become a conduit of RNC propaganada. There is no doubt that this is part of support which President Museveni himself, CMI and ISO have of recent extended to RNC in their effort to destabilize Rwanda.

It should be recalled that FDLR Spokesman Ignace Nkaka aka La Forge Bazeye Fils together with FDLR Deputy Head of Intelligence, Lt. Col. Jean Pierre Nsekanabo who were arrested at Bunagana border by FARDC in December last year revealed that they were coming from Kampala where they met with representatives of RNC coordinated by Ugandan intelligence services. That their meeting  studied how they can better coordinate their activities against Rwanda.

A source close to Ugandan State House revealed to the The Great Lakes Eye that The New Vision and The Monitor routinely and openly break journalism rules with coverage that is glaringly biased towards Rwanda because they have been ordered by President Museveni himself,  CMI and  ISO Chiefs to intensify biased reporting on Rwanda as away of covering up their evil plan of destabilizing Rwanda.

Another journalist working with The Daily Monitor who did not want his name disclosed for fear of loosing his job, informed The Great Lakes Eye that these days most of the newspapers in Uganda carry almost identical headlines while reporting on Rwanda. That in most cases these headlines are crafted by CMI and ISO and given to selected journalists to write articles based on those headlines. Some private radios and television stations have also been given money to conduct biased reporting on Rwanda.

Despite the compelling evidence attesting to Museveni’s support to Rwandan terrorist groups, the latest developments of giving them airtime in the Ugandan media is an indication that President Museveni is determined to continue supporting Rwandan detractors.

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