RNC Terror cells in Uganda in a state of wrangles

Despite CMI and ISO’s support to RNC group in Uganda, RNC has been hit by a series of defections, which are an indication of lack of cohesion among its members.  Information provided by one of RNC Commissioners based in South Africa is that RNC group in Uganda is divided into camps; with those supporting Benjamin Rutabana and those allied to Kayumba Nyamwasa and that CMI and ISO are behind the disputes.   The dispute has generated tension among members of RNC, forcing Kayumba Nyamwasa to dispatch Epimaque Ntamushobora from UK to persuade RNC members to remain intact but his efforts ended in vain.  Those belonging to Kayumba Nyamwasa camp want to get rid of Prossy Bonabana they regard as arrogant, disorganized and to replace her with another person.  

The process has kicked off slowly and of recent, RNC conducted meeting in Rwamwanja refugee camp chaired by; Frank Mushaija and Peter Ndahimana. The Agenda was transmitting Kayumba’s message warning people from joining Benjamin Rutabana’s camp and labelling him as a traitor like Rudasingwa and others.   During the meeting, they also elected youth representative in Rwamwanja.

RNC group in Uganda is composed of; Prossy Bonabana, Frank Ruhinda , Mutangana Enoch, Charles muhizi, Rukundo Gideon, Mwizerwa Felix, Christopher busigo, Emmanuel Mutarambirwa, Deo Nyirigira, sulah wakabirigi among others.

Continued torture of Rwandans by CMI

Dozens of Rwandans have been illegally detained by CMI, subjected to torture and harassed to induce false confessions that they are Rwandan spies. These innocent Rwandans are being pointed out by Kayumba Nyamwasa’s agents operating in Kampala and a group of fugitives that frequently meet at AGAPE church under the guise of prayers to draw up lists of Rwandans to forward to Uganda’s CMI, as they are deemed a threat to RNC agenda.  The list of alleged Rwandan spies is subsequently forward to CMI by  RNC Propaganda team working closely with CMI and ISO made of DICK NYARWAYA  using pseudo names of RPF Gakwerere and Rugema Kayumba  and forwarded  to CMI  and ISO staff that included ; (Maj. Jack Erasmus who is currently languishing in jail) for arrest and torture.   

Testimonies from Rwandans who were tortured and harassed point out that RNC’s operatives in Uganda, are working with Uganda’s CMI as if RNC was a State security actor. Pastor Deo Nyirigira himself is running an underground network that is involved in recruiting rebels to destabilize Rwanda, identifying Rwandans to be kidnaped and tortured in CMI facilities on the basis that they are pro-Rwandan government.

The CMI facilitates the enemy with protection; travel documents; intelligence; and CMI is cooperating with RNC dissidents in massive propaganda designed to simultaneously undermine Rwanda’s institutions.

AGAPE church, owned by Pastor Deo Nyirigira in Mbarara, is being used as an RNC’s recruitment and mobilization base, the church has been active in framing cases of espionage on innocent Rwandan nationals living in Uganda, hence leading to their arrest and torture by Uganda’s CMI.

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