RWANDA – UGANDA: President Museveni playing diversionary politics to draw sympathies in regards to Katuna/Gatuna border issue

In this gidital era, it is often said that tweets are not endorsements but one wonders what happens when one makes Foreign Policy on Twitter. It is a common practice that all sorts of policymakers are using Twitter to promote their policies and condemn their adversaries and Tweet offensives have become a favored method of communication among some leaders.

Yesterday during the fourth quadripartite summit between Head of States and Government of Angola, Democratic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda at Gatuna at the Rwanda-Uganda border, Uganda and Rwanda signed extradition treaty that provides the legal framework to handle cases of justice including those related to alleged subversive activities practised by their nationals in the territory of the other party.

Among other things the summit resolved that Uganda will, in the next one month, verify the allegations by Rwanda over groups like RNC, RUD-Urunana operating in Uganda. According to statement, once proved, Uganda will take all measures possible to address the challenges. The actions will be confirmed by the Ad-hoc committee for the implementation of Luanda MOU.

Once the recommendations are fulfilled, satisfactorily, the communique says, a fifth summit will be convened in 15 days (after the one month) for the solemn reopening of the borders and normalisation of ties.

Presidents Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda were joined by Angolan President João Lourenço and his Congolese counterpart Félix Tshisekedi. However, in a seemingly diversionary tactic, President Museveni on his way back to Kampala issued a tweet rant that he expressed sympathy to Ugandans and Rwandans affected by the Katuna border closure. He called for the patience and promised lasting solution, expressed optimism that the truth will come out because the NRM government stands for the truth.

President Museveni on his way back to Kampala after the Gatuna/Katuna meeting of 21 February 2020.

If President Museveni is candid and bold enough, his sympathies to Rwandans should squarely be on those that were incarcerated, and died as a result of torture and the hands of CMI , ISO and police instead of acting as a savior of a situation he single handedly created. The President should realize that the ball is firmly in his court instead of looking for scapegoats. The solution is simple and doesn’t require rocket science, simply just do away with subversive individuals bent on destabilizing Rwanda and to fix this issue it’s crucial to focus on the cause, not only on the effects.


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