Given the current state of affairs where Covid 19 pandemic has caused devastating impact in every sector of human life, transport of people inclusive, many countries have since imposed well deserved measures to halt aviation services in a bid to curb the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

It is in this regard that RwandAir, like many other international airline companies, have temporary suspended flights to and from Rwanda but this in no circumstances, has a relation to the futile narrative that the airline has collapsed.

I have read with consternation observations made by detractors rejoicing and peddling lies that RwandAir has collapsed.

Following the suspension of international flights, RwandAir as well as several other international airlines have embarked on cost-cutting measures including cutting salaries of their now redundant staff, in order to cope with losses incurred by suspension of the flights in the wake of the Covid 19 spread.

It would then be foolhardy to argue that RwandAir, which currently serves 02 domestic and 26 international destinations in 24 countries, and now operates cargo flights that were not affected by Covid 19 pandemic, has suddenly collapsed.

Some international airlines have even taken stringent measure of laying off workers amidst Covid 19 pandemic, which is itself a very common practice in many companies that are faced with adversity, but RwandAir has not even reached that level. The company should instead take credit that not a single member of her staff has hirtheto lost his/her job because of Covid 19 pandemic.

While taking the cost-cutting measures, RwandAir correctly described the current situation as uncertain times and that the measures underway are aimed at safeguarding the future of the company.

Therefore, detractors such as David Himbara need to be educated that faced with the predicament the entire world is grappling with today, many countries, let alone companies, have carried out cost-cutting measures across all sectors in order to not only curb the spread of the Covid 19 but also address the impact caused by the pandemic.

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