Serge Ndayizeye = Ngeze Hassan and Habimana Kantano

During the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, media played a significant part both internally and internationally. Prior to the genocide, radio stations and newspapers were carefully used by the conspirators to dehumanize the potential victims, Rwanda’s Tutsi minority. They published and aired hostile propaganda that dehumanized and demonized the Tutsi.

Hassan Ngeze and Habimana Kantano were ones of the notorious Journalists known for spreading anti-Tutsi propaganda and Hutu superiority through ther news outlets such as, Kangura which was found in 1990 and Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM) founded in 1993 . Ngeze was also a founding member and leadership figure in the Coalition for the Defense of the Republic (CDR), a Rwandan Hutu Power political party that is known for helping to incite the genocide.

If you say the name Ngeze, everyone always understand the publication of the “Hutu Ten Commandments” in the December edition of Kangura in 1990, which were essential in creating and spreading the anti-Tutsi feeling among Rwandan Hutus that led to the Rwandan genocide.

Similarly, Serge Ndayize is the brother to Ngeze Hassan in Propaganda and hate instigator of the 021st century.  He is very much known to spread propaganda against the Government of Rwanda with the intention of inciting genocide ideology and creates fear among Rwandans on Itahuka Radio created on 29th February 2012. Ndayizeye is one of the leaders of Rwanda National Congress (RNC), a terrorist organization, responsible of grenade attacks in Rwanda between 2010 and 2014 that killed a total of 17 civilians and injured over 400.

Serge ndayizeye’s early life

He was born in 1980 in Kimihurura, Kigali city to Ndayizeye Crysostome, one of genocide criminal in the Ministry of Agriculture in which he was the director. Even though Ndayizeye was elite and formally educated his son Serge Ndayizeye did not finish his studies due to his controversial character, indiscipline and idiotism. It happens that he went to former ETO Kicukiro until 1994 he was yet finishing the senior six.   he left the country to former Zaire and letter went with other Congolese to USA. Arriving there he was married with a gay (homosexual) for five years and divorced.  he worked for a pharmacy called Walgreens Pharmacy and was fired over theft. He joined RNC and became its propagandist on Itahuka Radio that operates as RTLM.

Serge Ndayizeye is the most talkative radio presenter the world has in this era, and he qualifies it due to his low level of education as he has never continued to finish his studies but chose to be the mouthpiece and the puppet of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s Rwanda National Congress. The program of Itahuka radio remains the same as the one of RTLM and Kanguka of the Habimana Kantano and Hassan Ngeze.

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