The arrest of “Major” Nsabimana aka Sankara sends shock waves to President Museveni and his associates

Following the arrest of the self-proclaimed Major Callixte Nsabimana alias Sankara who claimed to be the leader of the so called National Forces for Liberation (FLN) of Rwanda; Ugandan government officials are in deep panic fearing that details regarding their evil plans to disrupt Rwanda’s security have been revealed. Equally in panic are members of Rwandan subversive groups who are in total fear that they could equally get arrested and deported to Rwanda like what happened to their much cherished “hero”, self-styled Major Nsabimana.

It is important to note that “Major” Nsabimana has been inciting armed groups to carry out terror attacks against Rwanda and boasting to hold ground in Nyaruguru and Nyamagabe Districts where his FNL rebel outfit recently conducted attacks and killed innocent civilians. Nsabimana’s FLN – “National Liberation Front” – is the armed wing of Paul Rusesabangina’s MRCD, French acronym for Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change. Nsabimana has consistently “declared war” on Rwanda and claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks around Nyungwe Forest last December. His rebel group is part of the so-called P5 alliance of whom the senior partner is Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC.

“Major” Nsabimana’s arrest comes following the arrest and subsequent handover of two senior FDLR officials, LaForge Fils Bazeye and Theophile Abega – spokesperson and chief of intelligence respectively by the DRC authorities to Rwanda and this is an indication that the region is tired of individuals causing mayhem in the region and this should serve as a pointer that trouble makers have no place in the region and beyond.

As previously reported by the Great Lakes Eye that the arrest of two senior FDLR officials was a big blow to President Museveni, as well as Nyamwasa and company, the arrest of “Major” Nsabimana aka Sankara is bound to be another very hard blow for the unholy alliance comprising of Museveni, Kayumba Nyamwasa and the FDLR.

Security analysts revealed to the Great Lakes Eye that the arrest of “Major” Nsabimana who is considered a high value target is a big score to the Rwandan security organs in terms of unearthing the evil activities and plans of the unholy alliance comprising of President Museveni and Rwandan subversive groups. Like what Bazeyi and Abega did, Sankara will also yield a lot of high value information on the inner working of Rwandan subversive groups and their support networks, and will expose more of Museveni’s machinations.

It is important to note that “Major” Nsabimana’s group is part of an alliance coordinated from Bujumbura, according to a UN Group of Experts on DRC report published on 31 December last year. The report described in detail how P5 has been operating freely in Burundi and DRC, with recruitment of fighters going on in surrounding countries. The UN Report also cites Uganda as a facilitator of recruitment for the P5. Moreover, Uganda was exposed, with documented proof as a major supporter, facilitator and recruiter for anti-Rwanda rebel groups, most notably RNC, but also for FDLR, the offshoot of FAR and Interahamwe militias.

Reliable sources within security organs revealed to the Great Lakes Eye that in addition to the revelations of the UN report, Nsabimana has so far revealed a lot of information regarding the active role played by Uganda in supporting Rwandan negative groupings planning to attack Rwanda. He further revealed that since Museveni fears waging an open war with Rwanda, he has opted to use Rwandan subversive groups to destabilize Rwanda using Burundi territory. He further confirmed that Uganda has been actively providing support to FLN and other armed subversive groups including RNC by offering safe haven, recruitment, meeting facilitation, mobilization and travel facilitation/documents for their combatants.

Of interest also is how the so called hero Rusesabagina went to the media claiming that “Major” Nsabimana aka Sankara had survived deportation to Rwanda thanks to the intervention of Rwandan subversive groups. It remains to be seen what Rusesabagina will tell the world about his earlier claims that “Major” Sankara had been rescued and was in safe hands!!! It is a pity how a person of Rusesabagina’s status    can openly lie to the public. Let’s wait and see what his next lie would be.

Rwanda calls upon the concerned countries to stop from harboring and supporting these armed groups whose activities are a threat to regional peace and stability since it is becoming an open secret that whoever hobnobs with the forces of evil, will end up disappointed sooner or later.

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