The inhuman treatment of Rwandans in Uganda is reaching alarming level

The inhuman treatment of Rwandan nationals in some  parts of Uganda raises alarm, such cases are often documented in Ntungamo, Kisoro , Mbarara  with majority of Rwandans employed by people in those Areas are often abused , severely beaten, work for no pay, face illegal imprisonment and other kinds of victimization.

Uganda’s security organs particularly CMI and ISO have frequently detained and tortured people, beating them, asphyxiating them, using electric shocks and staging mock executions. Detainees are tortured to extract false confessions or accusations against others.

This documented torture violates Uganda’s obligations under the UN convention against torture, and the government of Uganda should be taking these allegations seriously. Torture and ill-treatment have been persistent problems in Uganda and have been perpetrated with near impunity.  The case of Rwandan National Patrick Niyomugabo is an example of how slowly Uganda is turning into a dark abyss.  Patrick Niyomugabo aged only 18, was dumped at Gatuna border after severely beaten.  He suffered gashes in the back and arms and his right eye was swollen.

Patrick Niyomugabo.

Patrick Niyomugabo worked at Katuna town Council in Kensiona market. In November 23, 2019, he asked his boss to pay him his salary as he had spent nine months without being paid by his boss called ‘’Tito’’ residing in Kampala, who instead of paying him connived with members of the local authorities who intervened and locked up Mr. Patrick Niyomugabo ,  and tortured him.  He was only saved by a certain Police lady who intervened and advised locals to dump him at no man’s land.

According to a local Radio in Rwanda, Patrick Niyomugabo is being treated at Byumba Hospital.

Ugandan citizens should distance them from such cruel and barbaric acts and not to fall under CMI and ISO trap of spreading hatred against Rwandans.

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