The massive arrest of Rwandans in Kisoro, an indication of how President Museveni is engulfed in fear of his own shadow

Rwandans and Congolese are again becoming victims of ongoing operation in Kisoro, Ntungamo ahead of president Museveni’s visit in the Area.   According to eye witnesses, the operation targets Rwandans and some Congolese living or working in those areas. Sources in CMI indicate that the UPDF regiments in Kisoro- Ntungamo were ordered to arrest all Rwandans to clear ground for president Museveni who feels insecure.

However, Uganda’s propaganda machine in its tireless anti-Rwanda smear campaign concocted a new false narrative, that Rwandans “are fleeing their country en-masse”.

Rwandans were rounded up, packed in small cars and taken to unknown destinations for torture.  The cruelty by CMI against Rwandans was strongly protested by the locals in Kisoro and who fearlessly indicated that the arrested were legal residents of Kisoro.

CMI’s intention to round up the people they had arrested and to claim that they are fleeing Rwanda was aimed at creating the false impression that Rwandans are keen to flee their country.  

During the cordon and search operation in Kisoro alone, security agencies arrested 34 Rwandan nationals who included 15 men and 18 women and 5 Congolese nationals.  The arrested Rwandan nationals were residents of Kisoro and most of them were doing business and others were casual workers.

This comes at the time of arrest of other six Rwandans arrested by CMI in Kansanga /Kampala and were taken by CMI in unknown place  for torture.

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