The National Bar Association In Uganda Appeals To President Museveni For Implementing The Mou He Signed With Rwanda In Angola

On 27 August 2019, members of the legal fraternity in Uganda  – The National Bar Association In Uganda voiced their call to President Museveni imploring him to drop his fat ego and implement the clauses within the MoU he signed with in Luanda, Angola on 21 August 2019.

In a Radio show on Uganda Radio hosted by Alinga Nora, four key learned Uganda lawyers were hosted including Erias Lukwago, Lord Mayor of Kampala City; Perry Aritua, a renown lawyer; Hon Lydia Wanyoto;  and Gawaya Tegulle, the advocate who legally represents Rwandans detained in Uganda.

During the show, all discussants questioned the legitimacy at which Rwandans in Uganda have been imprisoned in places not gazetted by the Ugandan law and why they have never been subjected to justice recourse.

They all were puzzled by how a country can harbor a subversive force aiming at destabilizing the peace of a sovereign state or foreign government and its leaders are not held accountable by the delegating power which is the people.

Gawaya Tegulle  himself said, “Rwanda National Congress (RNC) has been allowed to operate freely in Uganda and have been working under the sanctions of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) of Uganda.” Adding that such is an act of subversiveness.

According to him, RNC has been an Epicenter of this whole issue and are the ones that have been helping in the arrest of Rwandans in Uganda who end-up in cold cells of CMI and ISO to be tortured and suffer all sorts of mistreatment.

He asked what are the security implications if you have foreign hostile forces in a sovereign nation that are abducting and arresting foreign other national foreigners. That this is something that the Uganda Parliament should pick with interests.

Counsellor Tegulle re-emphasized the fact that arrested Rwandans were ordinary people, Rwandans who have no idea what this whole political standoff is about.

Hon Lydia Wanyoto on her side argued that from a business perspective Ugandans have been counting losses and it was time for President Museveni to take concrete measures instead of violating the established legal systems in Uganda.

On the other hand Lord Mayor of Kampala City, Erias Lukwago has maintained that the same reason that gave Museveni the energy to board a plane and attend the Luanda meeting should push him to abide by the MoU and act as stipulated.

As monitors the situation into this Rwanda Uganda MoU implementation, watch this space.

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