The new Capital of Burundi – is the Gitega project put on hold?

The People’s Republic of China, through their Ambassador in Burundi has handed over presidential palace it had built for Burundi.

New handed over presidential palace(Photo: Internet)

The Ambassador of China to Burundi, Li Changli, handed over the new building worth
the 150 million Yuan (US$22 million) located in Gasenyi in the north of the capital Bujumbura on Feb. 14 to Ezechiel Nibigira, Burundi’s Foreign Affairs Minister. “It is a symbol of friendship and cooperation between China and Burundi,” said the Chinese ambassador who described the project as the “greatest project” that China has ever carried out in Burundi.

The presidential palace was built on a 10,000 square meters land and has several facilities on its premises including circular roads, car parks, and sewer systems. It will host the presidency including the main offices of the president, two vice-presidents and their staff, conference rooms and space for official ceremonies, confirms Foreign Affairs Minister Nibigira.

The Chinese ambassador highlighted that other projects are being undertaken in Burundi and “China has made available a dozen of translators to put Burundi national development plan into Chinese language so as to clearly see in which domain it should intervene.”

Burundi’s new presidential palace is one of the many Chinese gifts donated to African nations to strengthen bilateral relations. China built the $200 million African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2012 at no cost to the continental body.

The Asian country also signed an agreement to build the headquarters of the West African regional bloc ECOWAS with a grant of $31.6 million.

China recently offered $6 million to Ethiopia to launch its first satellite into space in September 2019. It will also provide training before the launch of the satellite which will be done from China.

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