The ordeal of being a refugee:Kayumba Nyamwasa seems to have learned nothing and forgotten nothing

Growing up as a refugee taught me so many lessons, and among the lessons learned the most important one was never to become a refugee again after regaining the country I call home. Whereas I have and can share lessons learned, Kayumba Nyamwasa seems to have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing.

No wonder Kayumba’s refugee history shows that while still living in Uganda as a refugee, he had been fully integrated into the Ugandan system and was even proud being called a Ugandan. This opportunistic style of living was calculated since masquerading as a Ugandan helped him to benefit from some privileges of which he couldn’t have accessed as a refugee and it’s no wonder he was appointed as a District Administrator (DA), a position one wouldn’t easily ascend to without denouncing Rwandan nationality.

Regardless of his previous misgivings in Uganda in addition to playing lip service to initial efforts leading to the 1990 invasion by the RPA/F, following Rwanda’s liberation, Kayumba Nyamwasa was entrusted with senior army leadership positions but he ended up creating cliques and divisions within the army. He amassed wealth beyond his means as a soldier, a fact that he could not explain but rather choose to defect! Today he thinks Rwandans are naïve enough to succumb to his blackmail trap, never!

His failure to perform to the expectations of Rwandan people and later failure to apologize for his letdowns rendered him and his family into becoming self-exiled refugees. Kayumba has been so selfish that he even forgot that he has children who deserve better lives in their own country.  Growing up in the village, I used to hear real stories about men beating their wives but the latter endured the beating and stayed in their marriages for the sake of their children. I know Kayumba has had or even witnessed such a situation, now my question to him goes like; apart from your ill-intentioned character that led you to disappoint Rwandans, had it been that you were being harassed, as a parent don’t you think you would have endured like the above mentioned mothers and fathers? This again indicate how demonic you are to even your own family. How I hate coward men! I wish you were someone who deserves the pity; I would pity you for making the worst choice of a wife! In fact she is imprudent. Had she been a woman of noble character, she would have advised you to behave yourself. But instead she escorted you through all your misdeeds and she took to the media shouting like she has never been a Rwandan of her age. Let me advise Rosette to get prepared for the questions her children will ask her when they finally realize that she never played her role as a mother and a wife. If both of you have never read the Bible, this time try PROVERBS 31: 10-23. It talks about how a noble woman makes her husband respected and it reads: “Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land”

Now you understand why I call her foolish or imprudent wife……Who will respect you? Which city gate will he sit at? Which elders will you sit with? Oh wait! Maybe it is the gates of Kampala, Gitega and DRC jungles with your fellow haters like Museveni, Nkurunziza and FDLR as the elders of the land! Old man, you need to style up. It’s a pity to be born a refugee, live a refugee, and die a refugee!

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  1. You will really die refugees!!! Dear Rosette, forget about all hell your husband plays around, try to hold your blood(children’s) hands, look directly into their eyes and tell the truth.!!!!

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