The other side of Charlotte Mukankusi, a Rwandan subversive element that President Museveni and our readers should know

I recently read with dismay President Museveni’s letter to President Kagame regarding his “accidental” meeting with Charlotte Mukankusi, the in charge of diplomacy in RNC and Eugene Richard Gasana, a Rwandan subversive element living in the US. It is regrettable that animosity and ego has turned the once perceived pan-Africanist into an agent of ill-intentioned individuals and groupings that have the only aim of destabilizing a neighbor and causing mayhem to the region. Hate and old age has blinded Museveni to the extent that he claims to have met the two negative elements by “accident”.

Charlotte Mukankusi (left) was “accidentally” received by President Museveni on 1 March 2019.

For the benefit of Museveni and our readers, Mukankusi is a dirty character who doesn’t deserve being accorded courtesy to meet any respected person leave alone a President of any country on earth. Mukankusi’s other side that Museveni did not know is her passion to dupe young men, the age of her own children into sexual relationship. After failing in her first marriage mainly due to lust for young boys and her loose sexual comportment, she duped many young men who after realizing her ill intentions ran away from her and it was unfortunate that one late Alphonse Rutagarama (RIP), a young man who was in a strong relationship with a girl of her age fell into Mukankusi’s honey trap and the latter succeeded in marrying him.

Dear Mr. President, in your meeting with Mukankusi, you claim that she told you that her husband Rutagarama was killed by Rwandan government agents, and one wonders why this young innocent man would be killed by the government. As earlier mentioned, given Mukankusi’s remarkable age difference with the husband that she had snatched from another girl, her newly acquired husband (late Alphonse Rutagarama) finally got tired of staying with a wife fit to be his mother, and discreetly reconciled with his former fiancé.

Meanwhile, while Rutagarama was having an affair with his former fiancé, Mukankusi started suspecting him but without knowing who and where the co-wife lives. The secret was between Rutagarama and his young brother whom he used to send to his fiancé any time he wanted to send a message to her including the house rent and upkeep.

A family friend who closely followed Mukankusi’s deteriorating relationship with her former husband (whom she had grabbed from another lady), Mukankusi is considered the prime suspect in the death of her former husband (late Alphonse Rutagarama) as she had publicly declared that she would never live to see her former husband happily married to another wife. It is important to note that before his death, late Rutagarama had abandoned Mukankusi and was happily married to her original fiancé and had been blessed with two children currently living in the Eastern Province with their paternal grandparents together with their mother. This is corroborated by the fact that after the children of her co-wife were taken by Rutagarama’s parents following his death; Mukankusi attempted to hoodwink the parents that she would like to take the children of her late husband to Kigali in order to stay with them. According to a close family friend, although this could be interpreted as a benevolent act by Mukankusi, she had planned to take the children to Kigali in order to poison them as she considered them a threat since they could claim their late father’s property once they get old. Thank God the parents were brave enough to refuse her evil offer otherwise the little angels could have joined their late father long ago.

Lastly, this goes to countries that host these terrorists to help in apprehending them especially Canada that currently hosts Mukankusi. Canada is known for having reputable human rights record, in the interest of the people of Rwanda as well as Canadians, Mukankusi should be denied asylum if Canada is to uphold its reputation. Canada should not be turned into a safe haven for terrorists.

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