The story behind allegations of alleged espionage on Rwandans in Australia: Who is Kalisa Mubarak?

Kalisa Mubarak

In a documentary on ABC news one Kalisa Mubarak is said to be an endangered Rwandan dissident, initially under witness protection in South Africa being targeted by Rwandan spies. The document alleges further that Kalisa gave testimony that help convict four people then fled to Australia. It alleges too that Mubarak received a text message from an unknown number threatening to target his wife and children. The document finally says that a Rwandan diplomat threatened to personally kill a Rwandan exile.

From a Rwandan standpoint, it is all grotesque and soporific. A video played in the documentary in Kinyarwanda aims to mislead non-kinyarwanda listeners. The blubbering in the video says nothing about spying. All one can hear is ‘ambassadors are in charge of embassies’. It later says ‘ambassadors frequently call kigali’. So what’s the story here? what do embassy usually do? Also, how do we know the video isn’t from the next guy recorded while explaining routine diplomatic work? The man sounds a lot like soap-opera actor from empire, Jussie Smollet, who recently cooked up a story with his friends of homophobia in Trump’s America, to seek attention and revive his fading fame.

 In 25 years since the genocide, and the four years before, there has not been a single case of a wife or child of any Rwanda targeted or murdered for actions of their husband or father; in fact, children of known genocide perpetrators and Rwandan critics have consistently been appointed to the highest government positions to date. To the Rwandan government, a crime is personal.

The documentary says the testimony of Kalisa Mubarak helped in the conviction of four men. That is a lie. In spite of his testimony, there has been no single conviction of Rwandan nationals in south Africa. In fact, South African courts dropped the case, after prosecutors had failed to obtain any real evidence or presented implausible and visibly made up statements and documents, much similar to that of Mubarak in the documentary. They chose to spend their time making sensational, unsubstantiated declarations in the media: Here is the link: ‘the Randburg magistrate’s court struck the case from the roll due to inadequate investigations.’ “The magistrate is therefore removing this matter from the roll due to a number of outstanding statements, documents, and information that requires to be investigated,” Judge Matopa said in his ruling.

Now, it is highly implausible that a full High Commissioner held a man at gunpoint. Ambassadors do not work around with guns, even military attachés in embassies do not need firearms in their work. Ambassador Guillaume Kavaruganda is known in Rwanda as a lecturer of diplomacy law at universities. The career diplomat doesn’t know how to shoot a gun. And he doesn’t need to, having lived most of his life in the safest capitals in the world and at times in countries where guns are banned.

Now the article alleges that the Rwandan government violated Australian law. In reality it is the documentary that violates international law by targeting diplomats – protected by the Vienna convention with unsubstantiated accusations.

The documentary questions the timing of the Rwandan minister of foreign affairs visiting Australia as a way to send warnings to dissidents. This is absurd. For starters, the minister didn’t invite himself to Australia. He was invited by the Australian government to attend an international conference, whose dates and venue he had no say over.

Also who is a spy? Is it the person serving tea, pushing paper at the embassy? The one in the visa section? The in-charge of consulate affaires? The military attaché? Does Rwanda have real diplomats, or are we all spies, with secret guns, wielding them at anyone we disagreed with? Was there a search at the embassy to uncover clandestine guns? Is there a Rwandan caught with an illegal fire arm?

When will this nonsense about omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Rwandan spies roaming the world stop? Why in all these years, has no single one of those spies been caught or at least exposed?  How much resources does Rwanda have to run a CIA size intelligence network deployed from south Africa to Australia? The documentary ridiculously puts Rwanda in the same spy league as China, Russia and Saudi Arabia: three G7 countries, and two Australian neighbors Malaysia and Cambodia. What are Rwandan ambitions in doing so? To rule the world?

And finally. What impact would a Rwandan dissenting about a leader or a policy in Rwanda from half way across the world have on the Rwandan way of life? Which other dissenting voice coming from Australia has ever changed the course of any government? Where the hell is Australia?

To all these questions, both the journalist from ABC news, the self-appointed Rwandan dissidents cannot bring answers. However we can find answers elsewhere:

In this Kalisa Mubarak is an anti-kagame political activist:

Audios and videos of interviews by Kalisa Mubarak accusing the Rwandan government and president of all possible sins in South Africa, in Europe, and now in Australia. That’s no behavior of a scared individual under witness protection, fearing for his wife and children!

The man is a staunch anti-Rwanda extremist. His named typed in google reveal a super star among genocide perpetrators on the run and Rwandan extremist websites. That’s who the Australian media portrays as a victim, hiding in fear for his life. It is disgraceful!

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