The untold story about the mysterious disappearance of Benjamin Rutabana

It is almost turning to two months since Benjamin Rutabana the commissioner for capacity building in Rwanda National congress disappeared without a trace.  Benjamin Rutabana left Belgium on 04 September 2019 at 21:45 on an Emirates Airlines flight. He was supposed to return back to Belgium on 19 September on board Emirates flight from Entebbe.  Rutabana holds a French passport number 16DA52082.

Benjamin Rutabana’s once a strong alter ego of Kayumba Nyamwasa

Benjamin Rutabana  was among the  leaders and founders  of RNC terror group and occupied different positions, such as the commissioner in charge of Education and culture, capacity building . He was an active mobiliser for RNC in Europe and played a big role in mobilizing some disgruntled Tutsi genocide survivors to join RNC as formerly they were hesitant to join the group. 

For a long period of time, Benjamin Rutabana was assigned with special tasks and often acted as an emissary for Kayumba Nyamwasa travelling to Uganda, Dubai and Mozambique to meet RNC members and other hostile actors against Rwanda.

He developed close friendship with Kayumba Nyamwasa and their friendship was so tight to the extent that he used to run a truck transport company on behalf of Kayumba Nyamwasa and a betting company in Belgium. Together with Kayumba Nyamwasa they were trying to establish a similar betting company in Dares Salaam and other Tanzanian cities.  He was also involved in a business of selling used clothes and bags in Mozambique and Uganda in partnership with Gatete Jean Bosco a cousin to Rosette Kayumba the wife of Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Genesis of misunderstandings with Kayumba Nyamwasa

Since mid-2018, Benjamin Rutabana started to fall from grace with Kayumba Nyamwasa due to his appreciation by RNC members and other hostile actors that viewed Rutabana as a strong operative with the capacity to lead and conduct RNC terror activities in absence of Kayumba Nyamwasa.  The assessment was based on his nature and ability to do the dirty job.   RNC supporters in Uganda went even further to compare him with Patrick Karegeya and to them they rejoiced that the new Patrick Karegeya has emerged. The rise of Rutabana didn’t sound well to Kayumba Nyamwasa and members of his in laws and other stooges around him. They started to craft different reports against Rutabana including linking him to the Government of Rwanda.

Issues with Frank Ntwali

Whenever, Rutabana could visit Uganda he used to receive a standing ovation by CMI officials and could be facilitated straight from the Airport and his presence in Uganda was just a relief to the impoverished members and committee cells that were promised heaven and earth by Frank Ntwali but indeed in vain.  Benjamin Rutabana provided money and other forms of support to committee members who often complained of bad treatment by RNC leaders .   He used also to meet and share beer with RNC members in Kampala and interact with them contrary to Frank Ntwali who hides in serene hotel room at Kintu Road -Kampala.  

Frank Ntwali is not popular among RNC members in Uganda and majority view him as a traitor, dishonest, lacking skills in planning and of lacking the ability to influence etc.

He has issues with most RNC cadres in Uganda such as; Gideon Rugari Rukundo, Frank Ruhinda and Christophe Busigo to the extent that issues required Kayumba Nyamwasa’s intervention but in vain. Frank Ntwali is accused by RNC members of being behind the plans to split the group into factions and accuse him of being authoritarian and discriminative.  He works close with his preferred team made of Sulah Nuwamanya, Prossy Boona etc

He accuses other members of belonging to Rutabana’s group and of being anti- RNC.   RNC terror cells in Uganda and elsewhere are in state of shambles and this has led Déo Nyirigira of AGAPE church to seek permission from Kayumba Nyamwasa to act independently without being associated to RNC –Kampala cell. AGAPE church in Mbarara is being used as an RNC’s recruitment and mobilization base, the church has been active in framing cases of espionage on innocent Rwandan nationals living in Uganda, hence leading to their arrest and torture by Uganda’s CMI.

 Rutabana and Frank Ntwali had often made negative assumptions about the other either in public or among RNC committee members.  The issues between Benjamin Rutabana and Frank Ntwali were not knew to  Kayumba Nyamwasa instead he decided to use Gatete Jean Bosco who was a strong confidant and a personal friend to Benjamin Rutabana to spy on Rutabana and to monitor all his activities including his travel movements.  Gatete Jean Bosco shares same story with Benjamin Rutabana, they are genocide survivors though one originates from Rwamagana and another in Gishyita but were so close friends.

Rutabana who was motivated by his hatred towards the Government of Rwanda was restlessly involved in subversive activities and sometimes took unilateral decisions only partially informing Kayumba alone as he had begun to loose trust in Frank Ntwali due to bitter animosities.

His trip to Dubai and Kampala  

As tensions were getting bitter among RNC terror cell in Uganda, Kayumba Nyamwasa in 2019 has dispatched several emissaries to diffuse the tensions generated by Frank Ntwali.  RNC cadres like Epimaque Ntamushobora , ALI ABDUL KARIM NYARWAYA,  and Henry Ssetimba  all were frequenting to Uganda.

Realising the issues at stake, Rutabana thought that enough was enough to get Frank Ntwali out of the RNC equation and he thought that the only way was to out compete him by doing all the work related to mobilization and handling and collaborating with RNC stakeholders including Tribert Rujugiro.  Rutabana started to make contacts with Rujugiro tribert and other stakeholders in Uganda and briefed them on issues in RNC but also proposing alternatives.  In July 2019, he organized a conference with a group of financiers in Geneva who had promised to supply medics in Africa together with Jean marie Vianney Micombero and reported the outcomes to Kayumba Nyamwasa who seemed to be impressed and told him that he wants to send him to Kampala to meet CMI- officials and inspect a team of RNC recruits that had conducted training under LDU in kaweweta –Uganda.

Sources privy to the information, have told the great lakes eye that in August 2019, Rutabana held a phone conversation with Rujugiro Tribert and informed him of his trip to Uganda and that Tribert Rujugiro requested him to make a stopover to Dubai to meet his emissary who will hand him over money in form of support.  On arrival to Dubai, Rutabana received the money and meet a group of mafia businessmen from one of former Soviet countries dealing   in arms trafficking and discussed plans to buy weapons on behalf of RNC using cover of a security company in Uganda. Benjamin Rutabana also had dinner with ISO operative based in Dubai (Mr. R) (whose name is held for security reasons).  It is revealed that Rutabana didn’t report the developments to Kayumba Nyamwasa but instead called Gatete Jean Bosco and briefed him and told him to keep it as a secret as they intended to use the money for personal business, but Gatete Jean Bosco instead informed Kayumba Nyamwasa of the plans by Rutabana.

Kayumba Nyamwasa’s hand in the disappearance of Rutabana

On arrival to Kampala, news had reached to Kayumba who in turn called Rutabana’s handlers in Uganda to distance from him indicating that he has collected all the money donated to by RNC sympathizers and wants to use the money for leisure.  He even informed that he is dispatching Frank Ntwali to Kampala to confiscate the money from Rutabana and requested key officials in security establishments in Uganda to facilitate in the operation to gain the money back.   

While in Uganda, Rutabana received a cold reception only that he had befriended so many people in the Uganda’s security sector and had even brought some gifts to them. Some defied the order and decided to pick him from the Airport and took him to the hotel. On the following day, he didn’t meet any of the officials apart from phone calls from CMI officials informing him that they have received orders not to meet him unless he settles with his issues with Kayumba Nyamwasa. It is said that the day Rutabana had of the presence of Frank Ntwali in Kampala he tried to call him to meet and discuss on a range of issues but received a vague answer from Ntwali that he should do what brought him to Kampala as they had different mission.

On 06 September 2019, through his friend in Uganda whose name will not be divulged, Rutabana was promised to be taken to meet RNC fighters integrated in LDU and others working in different security companies but over the sudden they told him that the group had been ferried to DRC but are stationed in places near the border with Uganda in a place called Binza.  Sources indicated that he called Kayumba Nyamwasa and told him of the developments and that Kayumba instructed him to proceed to DRC to meet and interact with the troops of which Rutabana agreed without hesitation, with this new development, Kayumba Nyamwasa new that it was the right opportunity to get rid of Rutabana who was regarded as a dangerous threat to him and RNC future plans.  It is since that day that Rutabana disappeared without a trace.

How the plot to mislead the family of Rutabana was hatched.

Realising that he had achieved his plans, Kayumba Nyamwasa instructed Rugema Kayumba living in Norway to monitor from Rutabana close friend and family any developments and news about him and to react back in case of any backlash. Rugema Kayumba is another member of Kayumba’s inner circle and often regarded as an idiot who could be used in any dubious activity. In 2017 he used to move around the streets of Kampala harassing Rwandans that had refused to join RNC until he was chased in Uganda on orders of a high ranking General in UPDF who was shocked to learn of his presence and activities in Uganda.  Rugema Kayumba is currently living in cold and his job is threatened and his working hours has been reduced to merely 5 hours in week, working as a kitchen porter in certain hotel in Norway.  Rugema Kayumba like Gervais Condo are empty tins, the only difference is that Rugema Kayumba is part of the inner circle and is aware and informed of issues taking place in RNC.  However, he is disliked by other RNC members like Epimaque Ntamushobora, JMV micombero etc.

Kayumba Nyamwasa Flogging a dead horse

Since 2013, RNC has faced internal wrangles and divisions that have generated resignations and led to creations of  factions within the group.  The intolerable behaviour of RNC heads and board members has also significantly contributed to its current state of weakness and lack of trust. It is reported that RNC Commissioners like; Frank Ntwali,  Jean Paul Turayishimiye ,  EPIMAQUE NTAMUSHOBORA , David Batenga, Alli Abdulkarim have for a long time swindled money from their members assuring them empty promises of sabotaging  and effectual removal of the Government of Rwanda.

To date, its senior commissioners are block and others are looking for exit.  Case examples ;  Gervais Condo often decry among peers that he is feed up by ill treatment  and lack of vision and trust by Kayumba Nyamwasa ,  Emmanuel Hakizimana is under pressure from his family for channeling funds aimed to support his family to RNC terror group, Charlotte Mukankusi is in tenterhooks for lying to Canadian Emigration services and this has restricted her movements , Jean Paul Turayishimiye is waiting for  his day in courts in USA for  being associated and leading terror operations  that has killed innocent people in Rwanda, currently Jean Marie Micombero the commissioner for Finance at RNC is currently pressed under isolation by  subversive groups allied  to RNC and faces various allegations that include ; espionage, swindling money and of being dishonest . Since July 2017 to date, Micombero has disappeared from Public eye and has never attended functions either organized by RNC or P5 as he used to do. He continues to face backlash from RNC Splinter groups that accuses him of being Rwanda’s spy and of seeking protracted asylum in Australia under the help of UNHCR.

Kayumba Nyamwasa is feeling the effects of collateral damage, his lives a prison life and the only phone calls he receives are those informing him of bad news.  His elder son has been under rehab center in Australia for taking too much drugs, the rest of his family are living together with him under same prison called safe house.  One could imagine such kind of life to a person who was once a general!

How Kayumba treats his nemesis within the RNC

The mysterious disappearance of Ex- Maj. Emmanuel Nkubana , the internalized wrangles that led Theogene Rudasingwa and many others to quit RNC before and after to the current disappearance of Benjamin Rutabana  shows the true nature of Kayumba Nyamwasa  and the likely fate of whoever doesn’t agree with him.

However, the disappearance of Benjamin Rutabana and Emmanuel Nkubana etc, begs the question to RNC members, sympathizers and sponsors; who is safe among RNC and what is the vision of RNC, capacity and orientation?

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